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By Kingpin

Full costumes, Proton Pack parts, book props and even a prototype of Abby's Proton Glove are some of the 96 lots of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call items which have been listed on auction site ScreenBid.

As with previous auctions of production-used items, these auctions provide a rare opportunity for fans to buy and own objects that have been seen on-screen, as well as provide new reference and information for replica purposes.

For a full listing of the items that are being auctioned, please visit the topic: link
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By Kingpin
*Lot GBST-1 - Garrett's Tour Guide Costume
*Lot GBST-2 - Garrett's Aldridge Mansion Rubber Prop Candle Stick
*Lot GBST-3 - Abby's Chinese Delivery Bag
*Lot GBST-4 - Erin's Littlest Bowtie Costume
*Lot GBST-5 - Erin's Littlest Bowtie Blouse - 1 of 3
*Lot GBST-6 - Erin's Littlest Bowtie Blouse - 2 of 3
*Lot GBST-7 - Erin's Littlest Bowtie Blouse - 2 of 3
*Lot GBST-8 - Ghostbusters' "Ghosts From Our Past" Book - 1 of 3
*Lot GBST-9 - Ghostbusters' "Ghosts From Our Past" Book - 2 of 3
*Lot GBST-10 - Ghostbusters' "Ghosts From Our Past" Book - 3 of 3
*Lot GBST-11 - Rowan's "Ghosts From Our Past" Book
*Lot GBST-12 - Garret's Green Sweater Costume
*Lot GBST-13 - Erin's M.I.T. Ring
*Lot GBST-15 - Erin's Gold-Colored Shell Necklace and Small Earrings - 1 of 2
*Lot GBST-16 - Erin's Gold-Colored Shell Necklace and Small Earrings - 2 of 2
*Lot GBST-17 - Erin's Columbia Office Moving Box
*Lot GBST-18 - Holtzmann's Ghost Battle Glasses
*Lot GBST-19 - Holtzmann's Alley Tests Costume
*Lot GBST-20 - Holtzmann's Screw U Necklace
*Lot GBST-21 - Subway Station Ghost Electrocution Chair Helmet & Straps
*Lot GBST-22 - Patty's MTA Uniform
*Lot GBST-23 - Rowan's Mercado Hotel Uniform
*Lot GBST-24 - Erin's Firehouse Visit Costume
*Lot GBST-25 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Visit Costume
*Lot GBST-26 - Holtzmann's Screen Used Backpack
*Lot GBST-27 - Holtzmann's Production Used Backpack
*Lot GBST-28 - Kevin's Interview Costume
*Lot GBST-29 - Abby's Flyers
*Lot GBST-30 - Patty's Waiting Room Magazine - 1 of 2
*Lot GBST-31 - Patty's Waiting Room Magazine - 2 of 2
*Lot GBST-32 - Holtzmann's Lab Dance Costume
*Lot GBST-33 - Erin's Ghost-Catching Costume
*Lot GBST-34 - Abby's Ghost-Catching Costume
*Lot GBST-35 - Holtzmann's V1 Proton Gun
*Lot GBST-36 - Holtzmann's Welding Goggles
*Lot GBST-37 - Holtzmann's Jodhpurs Costume
*Lot GBST-38 - Abby's Green Blouse Costume
*Lot GBST-39 - Erin's Red-Orange Sweater Vest Costume
*Lot GBST-40 - Erin's Alley Tests Costume
*Lot GBST-41 - Patty's Alley Tests Costume
*Lot GBST-42 - Abby's Alley Tests Costume
*Lot GBST-43 - Holtzmann's Duffel Bag
*Lot GBST-44 - Patty's "Honey Boom" Bracelet
*Lot GBST-45 - Patty's Discovering Ley Lines Costume
*Lot GBST-46 - Holtzmann's Discovering Ley Lines Costume
*Lot GBST-47 - Holtzmann's "One Of The Boys" Graphic Tank - 1 of 2
*Lot GBST-48 - Holtzmann's "One Of The Boys" Graphic Tank- 2 of 2
*Lot GBST-49 - Abby's Discovering Ley Lines Costume
*Lot GBST-50 - Abby's Discovering Ley Lines Blouse
*Lot GBST-51 - Erin's Screen Used Rain Boots
*Lot GBST-52 - Erin's Production Used Rain Boots
*Lot GBST-53 - Abby's Possession Fight Costume
*Lot GBST-54 - Holtzmann's Possession Fight Costume
*Lot GBST-55 - Abby's Possession Pipe
*Lot GBST-56 - Abby's Possession Rubber Prop Pipe
*Lot GBST-57 - Ghostbusters Headquarters Phone and Answering Machine
*Lot GBST-58 - Erin's Warning Costume
*Lot GBST-59 - Ghostbusters Rubber Prop Butcher Knife - 1 of 4
*Lot GBST-60 - Ghostbusters Rubber Prop Butcher Knife - 2 of 4
*Lot GBST-61 - Ghostbusters Rubber Prop Butcher Knife - 3 of 4
*Lot GBST-62 - Ghostbusters Rubber Prop Butcher Knife - 4 of 4
*Lot GBST-63 - Ghostbusters Special FX Prop Club
*Lot GBST-64 - Ghostbusters Special FX Prop Pipe
*Lot GBST-65 - Ghostbusters Special FX Prop Axe
*Lot GBST-66 - Ghostbusters Special FX Prop Double Headed Axe
*Lot GBST-67 - Ghostbusters Special FX Prop Sword
*Lot GBST-68 - Ghostbusters Prop Dark Grey Walking Stick
*Lot GBST-69 - Ghostbusters Prop Light Grey Walking Stick
*Lot GBST-70 - Ghostbusters Prop Cream Colored Parasol
*Lot GBST-71 - Ghostbusters Prop Aged Parasol
*Lot GBST-72 - Kevin's Possession Costume
*Lot GBST-73 - Holtzmann's Toast Costume
*Lot GBST-74 - Patty's Sunset Graphic Tee
*Lot GBST-75 - Patty's Black Sparkle Bangle
*Lot GBST-76 - Patty's Final Scene Costume
*Lot GBST-77 - Holtzmann's Final Scene Costume
*Lot GBST-78 - Erin's End Credits Costume
*Lot GBST-79 - Holtzmann's End Credits Blouse and Headscarf
*Lot GBST-80 - Abby's Proton Glove Prototype
*Lot GBST-81 - Ghostbusters Proton Pack Part with Cage - 1 of 2
*Lot GBST-82 - Ghostbusters Proton Pack Part with Cage - 2 of 2
*Lot GBST-83 - Ghostbusters Proton Pack Part - 1 of 2
*Lot GBST-84 - Ghostbusters Proton Pack Part - 2 of 2
*Lot GBST-85 - Holtzmann's Watch
*Lot GBST-86 - Ghostbusters Flasher Ghost Costume
*Lot GBST-87 - Rowan's Paperwork
*Lot GBST-88 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Lab Antenna Device - 1 of 2
*Lot GBST-89 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Lab Antenna Device - 2 of 2
*Lot GBST-90 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Lab Nutcracker
*Lot GBST-91 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Lab Radial Proton Device
*Lot GBST-92 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Lab Tracking Device
*Lot GBST-93 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Lab Proton Fork
*Lot GBST-94 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Lab Small Tank - 1 of 2
*Lot GBST-95 - Holtzmann's Firehouse Lab Small Tank - 2 of 2
*Lot GBST-96 - Erin's M.I.T. Hoodie
By Styrofoam_Guy
Most movies normally get rid of everything after production ends as far as I know. This way the artist will have to be hired again to rebuild everything.

Some key items might be saved by the studio.

A company will pay the studio for the stuff they were just going to throw in the trash anyways. The studio makes some money back and the company that purchases the stuff, put the items up on auction sites. You will be surprised at how much some people are willing to pay for props or costumes from a movie or TV show they like.
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By Kingpin
It looks like most of the items were snatched up with buy it now options. A few item still up for auction.

I noticed no hero packs or traps.
Exactly. Sony will for the time being be holding onto the full Proton Packs, PKE, Trap, Ghost Grenades, Chipper and Ecto-1 - as noted above, the stuff that's been sold are items that aren't necessary to have in a sequel if it gets greenlit - the prototype Proton Gun and Containment Unit looked cool and would've cost a bit to assemble, but the former wouldn't be required in the hypothetical sequel's storyline, and if we do see this team and their HQ again, I bet you the Containment Unit will have gone through an upgrade, knowing Holtzmann.
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By Lee FW
Amazed at how low some of the complete wardrobes went for, you'd be hard pressed to buy all the items individually of the shelf for not much less and they wouldn't be screen used! My partner is gutted she missed out on the Holtzmann dance sequence costume.

Anyone wanna club together and buy the MK1 proton pack? I'll take it Mondays, thursdays and Saturdays :P
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By Lee FW
I bought the paperwork, but damn the costumes were tempting to get.
Lucky! And congrats on beating me to it, as a graphic designer for film I love that kind of stuff the most.
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By Lee FW
Really sucks we didn't see this sooner. It is amazing how little money some of the stuff went for.

I bought Rowan's book. :wink:
Yup would've been great to have had a chance, wouldn't be surprised if most of it now ends up on Propstore or similar and sold for crazy prices.

Was following an auction for a bulk lot of Ray Harryhausen artwork recently then found all the items on propstore for thousands a piece
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By Kingpin
Have it on good account that the Faraday cages went to safe homes and will not be showing up on any other auction sites.
Hopefully one (or both) of the cage owners would be willing to document the props so that we might get a better understanding of their construction. :)
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By MonaLS
Really sucks we didn't see this sooner. It is amazing how little money some of the stuff went for.

I bought Rowan's book. :wink:
I know! I missed some awesome stuff.
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By lolodrummer
I grabbed the "If you see something say something" flyers. I really wanted a GFoP book but missed those and I just don’t have room to display costumes. Can’t believe how cheap some of the stuff was.


I know a few of the proton pack parts and other gizmo’s went to good homes :)
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