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By Kingpin

Toy Fair 2017 is currently underway in New York, and Diamond Select Toys are at the event to promote and tease their future offerings for the Ghostbusters brand. Expanding their series of figures based on the film will be Janosz Poha and Vigo The Carpathian. The buildable diorama with the 7th wave of figures will be the exterior of the Firehouse, complete with Ghostbusters II-logo sign.

Meanwhile, DST has also been showing off some of its Ghostbusters Minimates-inspired Vinimates, photos of the Vinimates and figures can be viewed at Toyark.

The series 7 figures and Vinimates are scheduled to hit retailers this autumn.
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By Alphagaia
O my, Vigo looks stunning. I liked painting Vigo much better then actual bossbattle Vigo, his expression and hair seemed different, but this face is bad ass. Wants!
By Peter Venkman Jr.
Very pleased to hear that Diamond Select is making action figures based on Ghostbusters II. Hope each figure has a few accessories since Mattel really lacked in this department with some of their action figures. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the line develops.
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