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By Kingpin
Photo Credit: Toy Ark

First revealed back in February, Diamond Select has been showing off the latest updates regarding their Ghostbusters figure line, including:

•The fully-assembled Firehouse diroama
•Janosz Poha
•Louis Tully (Ghostbusters jumpsuit)
•Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman (dark jumpsuit varients - complete with Santa hats)
•Winston Zeddemore (Slimeblower varient)

The Figures are scheduled to retail for $24.99 each, there is currently no update on the fall release date. liked this
By Peter Venkman Jr.
Looking forward to collecting these, glad to see Louis and Janosz Poha get action figures. Also DST did a really great job with Vigo, he looks even better than he did in the Mattel action line. I love the idea of building the front of the firehouse with this series. It is a big plus for me that DST made the diorama so it can be the firehouse from Ghostbusters as well as Ghostbusters II. Very pleased to see that Slimeblower Winston has a rifle sling for the nozzle and a slime stream, really wish that Mattel had these accessories for the six inch action figures.
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By Kingpin
Despite the really awesome Slimeblower Winston, we're not getting a charcoal suit version?
I thought they were doing charcoal versions of all 4 and then tan slime blower versions of Ray & Winston?
The list of figures in the article isn't the definitive list of what's being produced, but was an account of the figures that were on display at the Diamond Select stand at SDCC. Given they've made Ray, Peter and Egon in their dark uniforms, I'd be considerably surprised if they didn't make a version of Winston in the same uniform.
Getting a uniform ready for SDCC!

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