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By Kingpin

Whilst taking part in an interview with Anthony Scott of Youtube channel Toy Hype USA, Diamond Select Toys Marketing Director Zach Oat revealed that Waves 9 and 10 of the figure series will feature the Real Ghostbusters. Additional information revealed in the video suggests the diorama for the Real Ghostbusters line will be the Real Ghostbusters version of the Firehouse.

This story is still developing, we hope to post more definitive information about the figures as soon as it becomes available.
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Looking forward to seeing the pictures! Ever since Diamond Selcet made The Real Ghostbusters minimates, I have been waiting for more action figures from the RGB world. I would really love to see Killerwatt, Ghash, the Spectral Ghostbusters, The Sandman, Boogeyman, Sam Haine, The Grundel, People Busters and more.
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By Lee FW
not sure we'll get to the ghosts in these waves, 3 figures per wave if we're following the pattern, 2 waves confirmed, 6 figures, 4 ghostbusters...only leaves 2 slots...Janine + Slimer maybe?

Unless of course they jump straight in with the ghosts rather than GB
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By Doctor Venkman
Peter Venkman Jr. wrote:Even if the line is only the four Ghostbusters and Janine I will likely buy them. DST has really impressed me with their work on the movie based line up so far. Also I am curious to see if The Real Ghostbusters line will include a build a diorama like the movie based figures have.

I believe they're part of the Series 2 that makes up the firehouse diorama.
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