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By AJ Quick
GameTrailersTV on Spike Network held a first look at the new Ghostbusters Game. The whole episode looks at different aspects of the video game, the storyline, the weapons, the actors... and more. Here at Ghostbusters Fans we've got the episode trimmed, edited and ready for your viewing.

One of the biggest WTF moments came when the game developers talked about the Ghostbusters plunge into the Netherworld. A mysterious gateway to the other side develops into a place called "The Lost Island". Of course the Ghostbusters cannot fly, so it would seem like one of the ways to get there is on a boat... a Ghostbustin' Boat.


Of course.. look out for your Nemesis "Pappi Sargassi", a water entity that will be sure to shake things up.
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By Donkey8012
My lord, this is so exciting. I'm trying to cope with the fact that there will be people out there better than I am at this game...
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By AJ Quick
Some_Guy wrote:Did anyone catch the Cyclotron ...transform? It was at 5:24. Makes me wonder how it does it.

I caught that. Looks like some kind of overheating possibly? Canisters were sticking out of the cyclotron rings.
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By AJ Quick
maglavagna wrote:Great preview! Anyone think the people in the street move a tad too robotic?


Definitely something that needs to be worked on.

A crowd of people running away from Stay Puft needs to be tripping over each other.. and really fighting the guy next to them to get by. I hope the graphics improve between now and when the game is released.. everything still seems a little jagged (it looks cutting edge.. 5 years ago).

Ofcourse we all cannot wait for October!
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By sorak
Man this game is going to be awesome!
One question though: Since they have established that you (the player) are going to be the 5th ghostbuster, have they gone into any detail about character creation?
I mean, do you get to choose your skin colour, hair length, glasses, facial hair, etc? Similar to say the character generator EA uses for sports games for a players personalised character?

That would be a sweet feature in the game if you could do that!
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By AJ Quick
That is definitely a possibility.

Many people have expressed interest in this ability, and I'm sure the programmers have read that many fans are interested in that.

PS: Welcome.
By SolidGoldCaddy
Wow. Good stuff guys. Either way this game as it is right now will rock.

I agree about the robotic people, but maybe it was done to save time/room for other features. Even if they leave it like that, I can deal with it when the big guy shows up.

Thanks for the post AJ, keeping us well informed as usual.
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By slimershomie
oooooo this is going to be so awsome look how much the pack has changed new lights and ...a tank? idk woooooo hoooooo to the new projects we will have from what i see the trap looks the same but i didnt see much of it i hope there will be a new line of merch.
By rapidtransit
WOW.Totally f'ing awesome.I like how the pack starts smoking as it heats up.When you watch the HD version over at gametrailers at 13:55 and 16:28 you get a good look at the cyclotron appearing to come apart.In both instances I noticed the temp. meter on the side of the pack is pegged red.Leading me to agree with AJ.I think that must be an overheating malfunction,possible a nuclear meltdown of the pack.Whatever it's for this game still looks phenomenal.Come on Oct. :cool:

I just watched it again from the top of this thread and at 5:42 you can just catch it again.The pack starts to smoke a little,then a whole lot,and you can just see the cyclotron start to open up under the heavy smoke.Definitely involves overheating.
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By Nikorasu
i can't wait for the game, i just wanna bust some ghosts to bad i don't live in Dallas

do you think they'll release a demo in the xbox 360 magazine like they do with other game demos cause that would be awesome!
i hope and i've said this before that when it comes to customizing your pack you can get it to look like the original and less bulky with all the new stuff they're sticking on and how different the pack looks in some of the pics and videos (i'm sorry im a traditionalist when it comes to a proton pack) but no matter either way it's gonna kick ass
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By AJ Quick
Ron Daniels wrote:
Luke R wrote:This game looks phenomenal!

I am counting down the days til this is released!

Anyone know who's handiwork the pack in the video was, looked real nice?

GBfreek83 better known as Thiago.

His screen name is GhostbustersFreek here.

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