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SDCC Exclusive POP! Vinyl from Funko & Previews


Can't make it to San Diego Comic Con? Ghostbusters Fans is authorized to take orders on the SDCC Exclusive POP! Vinyl figures from Funko and PREVIEWS. Featured are a SLIMED Peter Venkman and Slimer as well as a glow in the dark Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Available now for pre-order from the Ghostbusters Fans Shop: ... pop-vinyl/

Posted By: AJ Quick at July 23rd, 2014, 2:38 pm

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Alabama Ghostbusters: A Web Series - Episode 5

The Alabama Ghostbusters web series is back with a new episode!

In Episode 5, the Alabama Ghostbusters, Brock, Bo, and The Rookie, decide to investigate the mysterious Winthrop mansion after Brock's spooky encounter with Jennifer.

Posted By: Prince Vigo at July 14th, 2014, 1:51 pm

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Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Celebration

See Ghostbusters in select theaters August 29th! Get the Blu-ray September 16th from Ghostbusters Fans! ... t-blu-ray/

Posted By: AJ Quick at July 10th, 2014, 7:00 pm

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Ghostbusters 1 & 2 Coming to Blu-ray This Fall


Sony Entertainment just announced its plans to release Ghostbusters 1 & 2 in a new Blu-ray pack! The new Blu-ray will be completely remastered from new transfers and is scheduled to be released on September 16th. This is the first time Ghostbusters II has been released on Blu-ray and will be the first full 1080P release as well. The Ghostbusters II Blu-ray will feature bonus features including never before seen deleted scenes and a Ghostbusters roundtable discussion with Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman. Complete list of special features:

GHOSTBUSTERS™ Blu-ray Special Features:

• NEW! Who You Gonna Call: A Ghostbusters Retrospective - Roundtable Discussion with Director Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd (Part 1)
• NEW! Poster Art Gallery – Gallery 1988 artwork
• NEW! “Ghostbusters” Music Video – Ray Parker, Jr.
• Legacy Content:
• Slimer Mode – Picture in Picture and Trivia Track
• Commentary w/ Ivan Reitman, Harold Ramis & Joe Medjuck
• 10 Deleted Scenes
• 1984 Featurette
• Cast and Crew Featurette
• SFX Team Featurette
• Multi-Angles
• Ecto-1: Resurrecting the Classic Car
• Ghostbusters Garage: Ecto-1 Gallery Storyboard Comparisons

GHOSTBUSTERS™ II Blu-ray Special Features:

• NEW! Time Is But A Window: Ghostbusters II and Beyond - Roundtable Discussion with Director Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd (Part 2)
• NEW! Deleted Scenes
• NEW! “On Our Own” Music Video – Bobby Brown

Ghostbusters Fans will giving away several copies of the new Blu-ray directly from Sony Entertainment, so look forward for details on that!

The new transfer of Ghostbusters will also be making it's way back into theaters for 1 week starting on August 29th at over 700 theaters across the US.

Today also marks the launch of a brand new website.

View the Press Release.

Posted By: AJ Quick at June 5th, 2014, 11:37 am

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Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Fan Viewing Party


Join the 30th Anniversary Viewing Party on Saturday June 7th at 12PM PST! Fans from all over the world will be joining together to watch Ghostbusters to commemorate the premiere of Ghostbusters. Join in the Ghostbusters Fans Chatroom, and post your favorite quotes on Twitter using the hashtag #GB30.

Ghostbusters can be streamed instantly on Netflix.

RSVP on Facebook:

Posted By: AJ Quick at June 4th, 2014, 10:09 pm

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