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In 2009, Mattel acquired the license to produce Ghostbusters action figures, much to the excitement of Ghostbusters fans from around the world, many of whom had been waiting for the release of film-realistic figures for over 25 years. The first figure, Slimed Egon including Slimer, was released exclusively at the 2009 San Diego Comic Convention and received a very positive response from both action figure collectors and Ghostbusters fans alike.

Almost three years and sixteen figures later the six inch figure line still appears to be going strong with characters from both films, good bad and minor characters, and a number of "pack-in" ghosts still keeping collectors interested. In late 2011 rumours emerged of a slowing down in momentum for the line which has worried many collectors that we might see a cancellation in 2012, the increase in price from $20 - $22 has done nothing to calm these rumours.

With many popular characters yet to be released and the possibility of a new film which would undoubtedly increase sales exponentially, let's hope that Mattel can modify their strategy sufficiently to keep the line on sale for as long as possible.

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