Wilhelm von Homburg

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Born Norbert Grupe; August 25, 1940 in the German capital Berlin.

In Ghostbusters, he was Vigo von Homborg Deutschendorf. A prince in Carpathia near the Eastern European countries of Hungary and Romania. He was a cruel and horrible man. He was very spiritual and contacted spirits or ghosts all over the world. He was know as Vigo the horrible, Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Deceiver., Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy.

Hated by everone around him he ruled as king for ages. Born in AD1505 He lived for 105 years until 1610 when he was poisoned, shot, hung, stretched, disemboweled, drawn, and quartered. His last words were "Death is but a door, time is but a window . . . I'll be back!"

He had plans of coming back to life when the Ghostbusters ruined his plan and sent him to "Hell" basically, but when the painting turned into the Lenoardo painting of the Ghostbuster came to be, Vigo was transfered to the afterlife where everyone else is.

His last dying words will hold true bacause he plans to strike back not in 1990 like planned, but for the new century and the next 1000 years and forever.

Growing up in West Germany, Wilhelm became a wrestler and a boxer, before starting his movie career in 1965. He led a very public lifestyle and was known for smoking even during his boxing matches which was a strong influence to German youth to imitate his acts.

Homburg was a rebellious person, and was constantly followed by papparazzi, who documented his life hanging out with drug dealers, pimps, and a local Hells Angels chapter. Homburg was accused of a number of crimes, such as extortion, pimping and drug dealing. He spent five years in jail, and later moved to Los Angeles, California permanently.

In his later years Homburg lived in Los Angeles and reportedly toured the surrounding area with his dog in an old VW camper van. On 10 March, 2004, after a brief stay with retired boxer Buddy Turman in Longview, Texas, a destitute Homburg died in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, of cancer, only a few years after German moviemaker Gerd Kroske produced a prize winning documentary on Homburg's life called The Boxing Prince (Der Boxprinz) which was released in 2002.