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The Foster Quick Connect is really made up of two parts. The #B22-2 Plug, and the #2022 Socket. These are commonly used on pneumatic air systems and in auto repair places where they use pneumatic tools. These are "One Way Shut-Off Type" connectors.

You need one #B22-2 plug for the trap and one #B22-2 plug for the pedal. The thread on the plug is 1/8 - 27 npt.

The connecting hose is made with a piece of 1/4" tubing covered with 1/4" split wire loom about 10' feet in length with a #2022 socket on each end.

The #2022 socket has a 1/8" hose barb so you attach to the 1/4" OD hose under the 1/4" split loom.

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