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While the Ghostbusters are best known for their iconic Proton Packs, PKE Meters, Traps, and the Ecto-1, a wide variety of equipment is employed by the actors, many of which have real-life applications.'


'Panasonic PK-750 Camcorder - used by all three founding Ghostbusters, either at the Library or during their TV commercial.
Bacharach Sniffer - used by Venkman during the initial sweep of Dana's apartment.
Radio Shack PC-4 Calculator - used by Egon primarily.
Radiacmeter IM-179 Gamma Rate Meter - used by Egon during the rooftop sequence.'

Ghostbusters 2

'Monitor 4 - used by Egon at the beginning of the film and later seen on Ray's belt during the montage.
Sound Level Meter - used by both Ray and Egon.
KUD Meter - used by Winston in museum sweep.
Globuscope Camera - used by Ray in museum sweep.
JVC Camcorder - carried by Ray during museum sweep.
NES Advantage Game Pad/Controller - the "Pilot Controls" for Libby.
Sony Walkman - used to activate the slime and make Libby walk.
Toastmaster Toaster - the dancing Toaster.

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