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[History] [Revise]Slime Scoop

The slime scoop appears in Ghostbusters 2 when the team digs a big hole in the middle of First Avenue and discovers a river of slime. Ray is carrying this sampling device on his belt and has it when lowered into the hole. He then uses it to collect a sample of slime from the river.

The prop itself is made up of a number of parts, including:

1. Alvey Australia Model 425SWF saltwater fishing reel
2. Four section monopod, approx. 20" long closed
3. Two Hammond project boxes
4 .Green jewel panel light
5. White jewel panel light
6. D-ring attached to handle opposite wire tube
7. Three Toggle Switches
8. Flashlight w/ white and black twisted wire coming out
9. Coiled wire
11. Aluminium hemispheres, approx. 3.5" dia.
12. Belt Drive
13. Aluminum tube
14. Steel wire
15. Green illuminated indicator, possibly a switch w/ white writing.
16. Possible hobby servo, adapted for continuous rotation
17. Micro roller switch w/ blue wires leading into box
18. Hose clamps
19. Makita Nicd rechargeable battery

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