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The acronym A.L.I.C.E refers to the term All- Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

The All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment is the end result of the LINCLOE [Lightweight Individual Clothing And Equipment] program that began in 1965 and was terminated with the adoption of the ALICE system on 17 January 1973. The goal of the individual equipment portion of the LINCLOE program was to develop a lightweight load-carrying system in an effort to lighten a combat soldier's overall load. (Source:Wikipedia)

Usage: When mounted to the motherboard, the ALICE frame is what the straps connect to so the user is able to wear their pack comfortably by offering excellent weight distribution and adjustability. A common misconception is that these frames come in different sizes when in fact it is only the attached bags sometimes included that change in size.

ALICE pack frames can usually be found for around $20-$40 dollars on websites such as eBay and also in local military surplus stores.

The ALICE Frames come in two forms, the LC-1 and LC-2.
Heres the run down for what is used in whats movies

All hero packs used black anodized LC-1 frames

Hero packs from GB1 used LC-1 frames with LC-2 kidney pads and LC-1straps were upgraded with padding
all semi hero packs used green anodized LC-2 frames painted black with a mix of straps (there is even a semi hero with one LC-1 strap and one LC-2 strap)
note: the straps are not consistent. some LC-1 straps are unpadded some aren't.

All video game packs use the same LC-1 as seen in GB1


The LC-1 has a smaller Kidney Pad along with a crisscross kind of connection from Strap to Frame. The waist strap quick release has a cover and is smaller in size. The LC-1 Frame itself comes in black, and the straps are Olive Drab. Also, a crucial detail in the LC-1 Frame is the horizontal crossbar, which is flush with the frame. It's harder to find now a days due to lesser usage and lesser comfort. However, it is most essential to have an original black LC-1 frame if you're making an 100% accurate GB1 Proton Pack.

According to research made by RedDeath, here's the national stock number (NSN) of all the required components of the LC-1 frame assembly.

LC-1 Frame (black, 1975 era)
NSN 8465-00-001-6475

Right Shoulder Strap (without quick release)
NSN 8465-00-269-0483

Left Shoulder Strap (with quick release)
NSN 8465-00-269-0482

Waist Strap (Belt)
NSN 8465-00-269-0481

Lower Back Strap (Kidney Pad)
NSN 8465-00-269-0480


The LC-2 has a larger Kidney Pad and bigger straps along with a straight connection from Strap to Frame. The waist strap can either have a small plastic quick release, or a large V-clip. The LC-2 frame is only available in Olive Drab, which means you will have to paint it. The correct frame used is green annodized. Also, the horizontal crossbar on the LC-2 has a 1" offset off the frame, making it harder to mount on the Motherboard with spacers. However, the LC-2 is much easier to find than the LC-1 due to it's newer age and comfort compared to the old LC-1's. You will need a Black LC-2 if you plan on making a 100% accurate GB2 Proton pack.

According to research made by RedDeath, the government doesn't recognize LC-2's as apart of their inventory. Instead they're classified as LC-1's created during or after 1977. Here's the NSN of the LC-2 frame:

LC-2 Frame (green, 1977+)
NSN 8465-01-073-8326

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