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[History] [Revise]Proton Pack Models

The original Hero Proton Packs were built by Boss Films in 1983; various hero and stunt models were used in both films.'


'Hero Packs

The Hero Packs used in the first film were fiberglass shells mounted on aluminum motherboards, which were bolted to A.L.I.C.E. frames. Many of the add-on pieces (such as the ion arm, booster tube, etc.) were made of aluminum. The detail pieces (resistors, tubing, etc.) mainly consist of vintage electrical and pneumatic fittings.

These packs feature scrolling lights in the Power Cell, as well as cycling lights in the Cyclotron.

The aluminum Neutrona Wands on the hero packs feature extensive lighting, flash-bulbs in the tips (for syncing SFX), and a barrel-extension mechanism controlled by a small green lever. At least one gun (sometimes referred to as the "Super" Hero Thrower) has a fully scrolling orange "bargraph" light.

This "Super" Hero Thrower (below) is also distinguished by a few other unique features:

- The Clippard valve is an R-331 with the brand label facing up.
- The top gun knob and the lever shaft collar were painted black.
- The red pie-chart label next to the bargraph window is missing.
- The white hat light on the top surface of the gun box was replaced with an orange one.
- The gun lights are controlled from the bottom toggle switch on the gun box, instead of the "ACTIVATE" switch on the trigger box.

Stunt Packs

These crudely-cast foam stunt packs are mounted on plywood motherboards with simple olive drab strapping. Both the pack and gun feature minimal static lighting.


Ghostbusters II

'Modified Hero Packs

The Hero Packs from the first film were slightly modified to match the lighter Semi-Hero Packs. Some of the changes include:

- The unique rainbow ribbon cable was replaced with regular 60-pin Spectra Strip cable.
- The grey crank knobs were replaced with black ones.
- The original spacers between the frame and motherboard were changed to 1" steel spacers.
- The socket head cap screws connecting the shell to the motherboard were replaced with button head cap screws.

- The Ion Arm end caps were slightly weathered; the copper rods also were stripped of their black paint.*
- The square Clippard brass elbow on the Ion Arm end cap was removed, and a hex elbow was added to the Ion Arm body.*
- The small warning label on the right side of the Cyclotron was removed.*
- The small warning label on the angled Synchronous Generator block was replaced with a different white label.*

*Not all of the GB2 Hero Packs had these changes made.

Semi-Hero Packs

The Semi-Hero Packs were built as a lightweight alternative to the heavier Hero Packs. These fiberglass shells were cast from a Hero Pack with the Booster Tube, Booster Frame, Ion Arm, and N-filter molded directly onto them. The Shock Mount, Bumper, Injectors, and HGA were simply cast in resin.

The fiberglass Neutrona Wands have fewer electronics and lack the barrel-extension mechanism (as well as the green lever). The heatsink and aluminum knobs (except for the top "stream adjuster" knob) were molded directly onto the gun.

A Semi-Hero Pack can be easily identified by its shallow Booster Plug. The Booster Tube was filled in the on the original buck in order to prevent undercuts during the casting process.

Stunt Packs

These foam and rubber stunt packs were briefly seen during the trial and the battle with Vigo. Like the Semi-Hero versions, many of the add-on pieces were molded directly onto the pack. At least one of these stunt packs is mounted upside-down on the A.L.I.C.E. frame. However, unlike the GB1 stunt packs, these were actually attached to aluminum motherboards.

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