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Since its inception in 1958, Nycoil has recognized the importance of Innovation. From the introduction of the original Self-Storing Air Hose over fifty years ago to the more recent development of our state-of-the-art Poly-Matic Push-To-Connect Fittings, Nycoil has established itself as a leader in the Fluid Power and Industrial markets.'

Banjo Elbow

'The Nycoil Banjo Eblows were actually manufactured by Legris for Nycoil. The part number was listed as 50-55020.

Two 4mm Nycoil banjo elbows are found on the Proton Gun barrel. The Nycoil style elbow is a feature of the Ghostbusters 2 pack.

Nycoil later updated the elbow to feature a flanged red insert.

The brass body remained the same in the updated Banjo versions. They were about a 1/4'' shorter, are nickel plated and still featured a flanged red insert. But sadly, these have been discontinued. The current updated Legris model is more round in shape and bears almost no resemblance.

Nycoil banjo elbows are also found on the Ghost Trap Pedal in Ghostbusters 2.'


'The actual tubing used on the pack is a contentious issue as are the sizes and lengths used. Here is a basic guideline:

5/32" Red tubing - 4 ft. needed

Installed from the Legris elbow fittings on the HGA and the Cyclotron to the Legris straight fittings below the PPD. Also used between the two banjo fittings on the gun tip.

1/4" Blue tubing - 2 ft. needed

Installed from the back Injector Tube to the Cyclotron, from the PPD to the base of the Dale RH-50/Sage M50W on the Ion Arm and from the top of the RH-50/Sage M50W to the Clippard elbow fitting on the top of the Ion arm.

1/4" Red tubing - 3 ft. needed

Installed on the front Injector Tube to the Cyclotron and the Beam Line to the Clippard brass elbow on the HGA (covered in 1/4" ID split loom)

1/4" Green tubing -1 ft. needed

Installed on the gun from the Clippard brass barb on the rear instrument bar to the Clippard brass barb on the rear cylinder.

5/32" Yellow -1 ft. needed

Installed on the Sage 25 resistor on the Ion arm to the Legris elbow fitting on the underside of the Ion Arm.

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