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The belts worn in both films are replica M-1936 Pistol Belts. They were light gray in Ghostbusters and khaki in Ghostbusters II. They hold equipment such as the Belt Gizmo, MT-500 Radio w/ holster, and the Ghost Trap w/ holster, in addition to being a convenient place to hang the black rubber gloves.

Various 3/4" leather key fobs are worn on the belt to carry equipment such as the Neutrona Wand and Ecto Goggles.

- Style 1 is used for hanging the Neutrona Wand from the belt.
- Style 2 is used by Ray for hanging the Ecto Goggles from his belt. This style is occasionally seen with a key ring attached.
- Style 3 is worn by Egon during the NY filming; this is just a Style 1 fob without the bottom attachment.

Both Venkman and Ray have worn Mag-Lite holsters at differents points in the film (as well as production stills). The holsters appear to be sized for a C-Cell Mag-Lite.

This modern C-Cell Mag-Lite holster greatly resembles those used in the film.'

Ghostbusters II

'These custom web belts are worn with the dark gray uniforms, the subway outfits, and once with the khaki uniforms (during the battle with Vigo). They consist of 3.0" nylon webbing backed with gray interfacing and two rows of black 1/4" grommets. The adjustable portion of the belt has a 2.0" strap (made of 4-panel seatbelt webbing) with a quick-release buckle. The Lifegard II PASS Alarms are also worn with these belts.

The following fobs appear on these belts in different combinations:

3/4" GB1-styled leather key fob
1.0" snap hook on gray nylon
1.0" swivel lobster clip on gray nylon
1.0" bolt snap on black nylon
1.0" beefy bolt snap on black nylon
1.0" D-ring (black finish) on black nylon
1.5" D-ring on black nylon
2.0" D-ring on black nylon/seatbelt
2.0" O-ring on black nylon/seatbelt
2.0" V-ring on black nylon/seatbelt

(left to right) Belt Gizmo Holster, 3/4" fob, 2" D-ring, 1.5" D-ring, Lifegard II, Trap Holster, 1" D-ring, 2" D-ring, Sound Level Meter Pouch

Dan Aykroyd's screen-used belt

Ernie Hudson's screen-used belt (note the regular webbing used for the adjustable portion)

This prototype belt gives a clear view of the construction and some variant fobs.'

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

'In the 2009 video game, the belts are the same M-1936 Pistol Belts that were used in the first film. A black version of this belt comes with the downloadable Ghostbusters II flight suit.

These belts use the Style 1, Style 2, and Style 3 key fobs (as well as an inverted version of Style 1) from the first film and still hold the Belt Gizmo, PKE Meter, modified Lifegard II PASS Alarm and the Ghost Trap. Rather than being carried in holsters, the radios are now conveniently clipped to a strap on the Proton Pack.

The Ecto Goggles are carried on what appears to be a 1.75" leather strap with a combination V-ring/carabiner.

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