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While the purpose of this hose has not been revealed, it greatly resembles a catheter tube used by Air Force pilots. This vinyl tubing was yellow in the first film and clear for the khaki uniforms in Ghostbusters II (the dark gray uniforms lack both the hose and connector). On the cover of the 2009 video game, the hoses appear green (despite still being yellow in the game itself).

The hose connects to a rubber socket, possibly cast from an industrial valve-stem seal (secured with a black strap lock in GB1, and sporting a removable "stem" in GB2), that is sewn onto the left leg of the flight suit. The other end is tucked or coiled behind the belt. Although the length of the hose should be determined by the height of the person wearing it, the hoses used in the films appear to be around 3.5-5 ft. long.

Note the position of the hose connector in relation to the bottom zipper and left lap pocket of the flight suit.

GB1 Screen-used Hose Connector, Photo by Cyland Props

Green Leg Hoses on the Cover of the 2009 Video Game

As described above, the hose simply tucks behind the belt, going nowhere...

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