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Does anyone feel strongly about a particular sticker kit for the pack?
by Fienen -  - in: Proton Packs
0 Replies
by Fienen
Indy Magnoli is making flight suits from both films...
by Aaron Norton -  - in: Uniforms
178 Replies
by Fienen
Epic Props uk status?
by l3w1sb159 -  - in: General Discussion
16 Replies
by NotSoProBenny
Guides for attaching Spengler Wand to Spirit Pack?
by Lone__Gunman -  - in: Proton Packs
0 Replies
by Lone__Gunman
[SPOILERS] Ghostbusters: Afterlife discussion thread
by deadderek -  - in: Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020)
14671 Replies
by Alphagaia
3D Printed Mk 2.1 Pack by Quentin Machiels Build Thread
by Fienen -  - in: Proton Packs
4 Replies
by Fienen
Look for recommendations for d-I-y light kits for extra fun
by Rowan J. Zweig -  - in: Proton Packs
2 Replies
by Styrofoam_Guy
Suddenly can't connect to GBFans on my home network
by EctoLabs -  - in: Site Feedback
19 Replies
by AJ Quick
GBFans Shop - Clippard Restocks & more
by GBFans -  - in: Site Updates
0 Replies
by GBFans
Two different sound files for gb fans board???
by Darth_Egon -  - in: Proton Packs
6 Replies
by Mark15
Legality of ECTO-1 lights
by Radar -  - in: Ectomobiles
68 Replies
by Ghostbuster Kid
EctoLabs' Mega-Deluxe 3D Printed Ghost Trap Build
by EctoLabs -  - in: Ghost Traps
44 Replies
by countspatula
Department 56 to produce Ghostbusters Halloween accessories
by Kingpin -  - in: Ghostbusters News
3 Replies
by Darth_Egon
RGB Time Life Box Set Booklet Episode #'s Out of Order?
by SpookyGhost -  - in: Ghostbusters Cartoons
4 Replies
by mrmichaelt
Ghostbusters cereal
by troy_225 -  - in: Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020)
2 Replies
by Alphagaia
Ghostbusters and how I deal with anxiety and depression
by BayAreaGhostBuster -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
0 Replies
by BayAreaGhostBuster
Giant Ecto-1A tank
by 1964ambulance -  - in: Ectomobiles
1 Replies
by 69428scj
Looking for a Flexible shock mount?
by Rowan J. Zweig -  - in: Wanted
1 Replies
by tobycj
GBFans Shop - Temporarily Suspending Shipments to the United Kingdom
by AJ Quick -  - in: Site Updates
19 Replies
by AJ Quick
What is this?
by lrdsatyr8 -  - in: Ectomobiles
12 Replies
by aerowolf35
Spenger Wand compatible with tvg upgade kit?
by jayd2k3 -  - in: Proton Packs
1 Replies
by tobycj
Kenner Proton Pack Yellow Hose
by Ecto751 -  - in: Collectibles
2 Replies
by jonogunn
Light and sound kit, need input from others.
by BayAreaGhostBuster -  - in: Proton Packs
1 Replies
by tobycj
Light and sound kit for full size pack
by BayAreaGhostBuster -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
2 Replies
by l3w1sb159
"Stairway" deleted scene from GB
by pizzarat -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
0 Replies
by pizzarat
3d printed goggle build
by Zander Yurami -  - in: Ecto Goggles
8 Replies
by Zander Yurami
UPDATE: Ghostbusters II score, track list and potential release date
by Kingpin -  - in: Ghostbusters News
5 Replies
by NSGhostbusters
Knowone251 aka KnowOnesDesign aka Garrick Backer
by BigDaddy -  - in: Feedback
49 Replies
by Vmagic
Are there Variants for Vintage Ghostbusters figures?
by GhostBusters7 -  - in: Collectibles
5 Replies
by Alex Newborn
The Halo Pack (Phoenix/TVG inspired)
by echo419 -  - in: Proton Packs
25 Replies
by echo419
Hi from the Netherlands!
by MassiveDMG -  - in: Introductions
3 Replies
by Alphagaia
Modding the GBFans elbow pads for black patches
by Fienen -  - in: Uniforms
2 Replies
by Fienen
Sea_Marshall: Ecto Goggle WIP
by Sea_Marshall -  - in: Ecto Goggles
1 Replies
by tobycj
"How the Proton Pack Works" Animated Video
by ZuulHouseRock -  - in: Fan Videos
6 Replies
by RealGhostbusterJay
A Noob Build Thread
by l3w1sb159 -  - in: Proton Packs
60 Replies
by l3w1sb159
Autographed Poster Legitimacy?
by ncc74656m -  - in: Collections
0 Replies
by ncc74656m
GB1 Hero Build (Bosh Shell)
by JWils23 -  - in: Proton Packs
94 Replies
by JWils23
Aykroyd's Original Ecto-1?
by Mike Verta -  - in: Ectomobiles
8 Replies
by Joker1940
Looking for a 3D printable wand packet to upgrade?
by davehetfield -  - in: Proton Packs
1 Replies
by Darth_Egon
GBFans Shop - Pack Parts Restocks
by GBFans -  - in: Site Updates
0 Replies
by GBFans
Firehouse dimensions
by Krenzy -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
18 Replies
by Krenzy
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