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By nick-a-tron
Looking good Nick. :)

Have you given some consideration to adding roof struts to the inside of the glass? I know it's something that wouldn't really be all that visible once the car's complete, but would break up the solid block of black on the inside of the car windows.
I'm not sure what you mean there Ben. Do you have photo examples?

Where did you get the PGMS brass etched thing from?
Good old ebay my friend :)
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By Kingpin
I'm not sure what you mean there Ben. Do you have photo examples?
Sadly no, what I meant was sticking some plastic or foam board on the inside of the windows to mirror the frames and roof pillars visible on the ouside of the car.
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By nick-a-tron
Thanks for all the kind words! Ive managed to find some time most evenings to work bit by bit on her. Here's how she now sits. Car parts all done, now onto the roofrack! The naked truth! :D

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By Fritz
Simply amazing work.... I could never do something like this is a millions years.
Thanks! It only takes practice.
Yeah. Practice and patience--I got a lot of the former but had a problem with the latter when I was a kid. I pull out the old Monogram Saturn 5 or the original ECTO-1A from 1990 and actually sorta want to cringe.

But if you don't start, you'll never get there

Ok here she is all finished up! Really enjoyed this build, just a shame I couldnt make her light up. Ah well maybe next time. Enjoy the finished photos :)
You got nothing to be ashamed of there, Nick--it's a beaut.
By SebastianPQ
I am searching the slaysghosts amt 1a decals for a long time.
He can not deliver it anymore and lost the data file.
Maybe you can help me with a decalset or scan?

(or maybe you want to sell your excellent built Kit?)
best regards

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