Have you picked up your AMT Ecto-1a model yet? Start a topic in this forum and share your build along with hundreds of others!
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By AJ Quick
We will be holding a contest in July / August that will be rewarding those with the best AMT Ecto-1a build.

We are looking into breaking it down into 3 (or more, with your suggestions) categories:

-Most Accurate Ecto-1a build.
Those with the most accurate recreations of the Ecto-1a from the movie.

-Most Creative Build
Those who thought outside of the box and created something custom.

-Best Build Thread.
Those who are the most helpful in showing off methods and progress during the build.

Prizes will be given out to winners in each category.

We expect to hold this contest in Late July / Early August. So get building. The kits are now available for purchase!

http://www.gbfans.com/shop/ghostbusters ... ale-model/
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By cowbybill
I suck at Building models...So I'm out. But best of luck to all you guys and I look forward to see all the entries and such! :)
By Matt Campbell
I'm currently building one myself, its my first model in like 15 years and it shows, but I'm using this one to get back into it so I know it's more than likely going to look pretty rough even after I'm done. But regardless I want to buy 2 more for when I'm finished this one, one is to be screen accurate and the other a custom. The one I'm working on right now I ordered through my local comic book shop from the monthly Previews book, and now my problem is upon gathering up paints and tools for my project I haven't found a hobby/model shop that is carrying the Ecto in my area so I can get more. I didn't want to order from on line cause of the waiting period for delivery, but I may have to suck it up and go that route anyway. I like the contest idea, if I think mine is good enough or I can get my hands on 2 more to work on in time I may enter myself.
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By darthbuster

I haven't purchased one of these from GBfans, but I have one that I am working on, can i enter the contest? When do we have to start the thread, and when is the deadline to close the build thread?
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By John Stevens 87
This is what i have so far.i'm doing my best to keep it as accurate as i can,i'm finding it very hard but again i want to give my thanks to GB_Fans for the ref pics they have been a big help.thank you :D

Inside look (Not complete)

Roof-rack shots (Not Complete)


The very best of luck to all of you who are making one as they are not easy to paint & put together and most of the time it makes you want to pull your damn hair out lol.
By Al Martin
Ive got to get me a few of these kits. i would love to see someones take on the car when Ray found it.

"Everybody can relax, I found the car. Needs some suspension work and shocks. Brakes, brake pads, lining, steering box, transmission, rear-end."
By Staermose
I initially thought I would get oe of these, now that they have been re-released. I thought they would go nicely with the Polar lights kit I have. But as some of you know, I reasearched the cars for the drawings I've done of them. Well, one of them anyway.
And I've come to the conclusion, that I would never be satisfied with the kit, there are just too manye areas I would need to fix, in order to get as detailed as I would like it to.
This is not to discuarage any of you from buying this kit. It' will build into a nice representation of the Ecto-1A. It's more a matter of me ruining this bulf for myself, by having done too much resarch.

To all of you who have bought and built (or are building) the Ecto-1A, good job! :-D
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By darthbuster
Hey AJ, I feel like on on chop cut and rebuild or overhaulin but without a team to help out is the deadline end of day August 31st? i.e. 11:59 pm?
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By Fritz
AJ Quick wrote:There really aren't enough builds to even consider having a contest at this point.
I hate to admit it, but that's a bit of a relief. I was starting to rush a bit in hopes of getting mine done tomorrow, and made at least one mistake I'd have to chalk up to being in a hurry.

Better to slow down and have it done right.

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