Discuss the upcoming movie to be released in 2020 and directed by Jason Reitman.
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By Alphagaia
It's his thing. Shouting something that isn't true and post a new link...
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By SpaceBallz
So here's something interesting: the official Ghostbusters social media accounts have been periodically posting Tobin spirit guide trivia and today was apparently the last one. They said "tobins guide is finally clean and updated!" And its 2 days before Halloween. Maybe something soon?
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By Ghostytheghost
Speaking of the music stuff, I never hear peeps wanting to bring back stuff like In the Name of Love (Thompson Twins), I Can Wait Forever (Air Supply), and Supernatural (New Edition).

But the thing that ruined Flip City... we never speak of such abomination
Slimer confirmed!

https://www.instagram.com/p/B4LrAOQh_Eq ... cm02dch602
I don't see anything of note for Slimer except for the shirt design on McKenna. Odd.
https://www.empireonline.com/movies/new ... -revealed/

Maybe he means the preview issue.
I remember when an issue of this made me even more excited for Halloween 2018 so this could be just like it in terms of hype.
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By robbritton
Speaking of the music stuff, I never hear peeps wanting to bring back stuff like In the Name of Love (Thompson Twins), I Can Wait Forever (Air Supply), and Supernatural (New Edition).
Happy to oblige! I’d gladly hear stuff like any of them again! Always room for a little new wave pop/power balladry/new jack swing at the Britton family table!
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By mrmichaelt
https://www.empireonline.com/movies/new ... -revealed/

Maybe he means the preview issue.
Fyi to everyone in case anyone missed it, the article says it releases on Halloween so... if there's a digital version, that should be the fastest way to get it. In past experiences in different states, the new issues are slow to get to shelves at Barnes & Noble since they are shipping from the UK (so expect it in stores in early-mid November).
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By timeware
I didn't see it. Speaking of universal it's going to be interesting to see if they add new areas to their GB maze after the new movie comes out.anyone get to check it out yet?
The maze is not a permanent attraction. It's there for Halloween Horror Nights, which ends this weekend. It's not going to be around much longer.
I was thinking it was permanent. Would have been fun to do.
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By Alphagaia
https://www.reddit.com/r/ghostbusters/c ... ges_crews/
The Real Ghostbusters and the Gozer Temple of Doom.
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By droidguy1119
Talk about reshoots in the Reddit thread is a bit silly. In general, it seems customary for reshoots to be done closer, in Los Angeles or something, because the filmmakers will know exactly what they need to patch or grab, footage-wise. Leaving the set up in Calgary would mean paying for the soundstage to be held. There's no saying how long a rough cut takes. Disassembling the set means nothing.
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By Sav C
$50 bucks say the trailer drops on Halloween. I can't wait to see a piece of footage from this thing--anything!
You're about to lose $50. I'd be shocked if we got any footage. Maybe an image or something at best.
If someone gives you 10,000 to 1 odds on anything, you take it. :P
By Dr.D
Potentially it could be...but I kinda have a hard time believing that they don't have anything more substantial than that given the car is so prominent on the cover.

But yeah, could be just an easy way to get more magazines sold.
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By BatDan
Im obviously just being light and facetious.

Since for the past 6 months its been nothing but Ecto 1 photo leaks. Dont get me wrong i get giddy every time..being like “holy shit this is happening?”

I hope we see something beyond that soon..
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