Discuss the upcoming movie to be released in 2020 and directed by Jason Reitman.
By Muwarrior21
Anybody else getting nervous that the original members have not singed on officially yet?
My fear is that the later the announcement goes the less content of the original cast will be in the movie?

I really really hope we dont get brief cameos and that they have major roles in the movie or I think its going to be another gb2016 outside of the novelty of seeing the ecto once again!??!?!
By joegianco
I was really looking forward to the Cincinnati comic expo coming up next month near me. Ernie Hudson was supposed to be one of the con guests but he just recently had to cancel due to production and filming scheduling conflicts. I wonder what is filming right now that could be taking up his time? :wink: :whatever:
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LOL! Kingpin and Seth Rex are right. I am a little suprised at some of the skepticism, but it is not competely unwarranted. Yeah I think the original cast is already signed on and are involved in a huge compacity. Not just as cameos. I would be suprised if I am wrong. A big clue for me is and this may mean nothing, but half of the kids that we are expecting to be the new crop of GBs have very little on their resumes. Unless they plan on having Finn and Grace carry the movie. I just think it is a lot of pressure to put on a couple of newcomers on a film this size. I could be completely wrong it is just an impression I get. :) :) :)
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