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Lowberg wrote: December 16th, 2019, 4:45 pm So I got some of the parts in to replicate the new cable (What do you guys want to call it? Data Cable, Proton Charging Connection?).
The wire wrap was listed as Neon Yellow, but is to me...very normal yellow......almost like the ghost trap stripes. I may return this if I can find a truly neon version as alternative. The cable gland size is PG7, I got a variety pack and this seems to be the closest. The next size up PG9 seems too big. I still think there's some sort shrink wrap or rubber cap to the upper threads of the cable gland, I just used electrical tape as a concept. Let me know what you guys think. All this stuff comes in bulk pretty much so I might be able to offer kits at a cheap price to the community (Once I'm a supporting member of course :) )

Damn dude, you are OWNING this one Perfectly! As for the Yellow sleeve, did you look into Automotive stores for Heat-Resistant harness cozies? Ive been to more than a few 'Jelly Bean' competitions and those lowriders look just as good in the trunk as they do under the hood and Underneath... Not like there uncommon, just a thought though my friend :)
That extension was visible in the test fire scene at the end of the international trailer. I actually wonder if it's a coupler to make it easier to disconnect a wand. They seem to be using the same idea on the gunner chair, except that one has the connector at the pack/hose end.
Oooh, what if it’s modular now and they can swap out the regular thrower with something else? That would be cool.

Or it could be that the part leading into the thrower is supposed to be tucked farther into the handle on the prop and the picture was taken showing something we weren’t supposed to see? Kind of like the bent ion knob and light bleeding through the power cell of Ray’s pack in the hotel.
I love this thread!
Kingpin wrote: December 19th, 2019, 5:28 pmThe bargraph is (likely*) a new piece, with a taller transparent cover.

*I'm not sure they could easily source another bargraph idential to the one used on the Super Hero, and with the advance of electronics, they probably whipped up their own LED equivalent.
Also, maybe.. just maybe...

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I've already started modifying one of my old backup packs into an Afterlife version; so far I just have the neon yellow cable installed, but have more parts on the way.
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Here's an album of screenshots from the Hasbro Pulse presentation. Jason brought out a prop wand, which was later joined by the Plasma Series replica now available for pre-order.

Here's the genuine article:

The Plasma Series replica has the chunky green tape on the grip, seen here being held by Jason after he handed the real one to Ivan:
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zeta otaku wrote:Any gun gurus identify the model of shot gun pump grip on the front of the thrower?
No guru, but having some experience, at first glance, my gut says a Winchester. Maybe a model 1897 or 1893. Those are pretty antique. Or a Model 12. Hmm. Maybe the shotgun came with the house.
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zeta otaku wrote:Any gun gurus identify the model of shot gun pump grip on the front of the thrower?

That reminds me of the rubber grips they used to put on safety cover installation tools for use in swimming pools. Pools were my fathers line of work, and I... might of sort of cut the grips off of a couple of his old tools and used them for early proton packs.

The ones I was after in the '90s had the large finger grooves, but older ones were just cylinders with lines like what you see on the new wand. The image above has those lines, and I remember them well because I wanted to find a way to fill them in for accuracy.

Unfortunately, I can't find an exact image that matches my memory -- tools like that from the '80s are pretty rare to see online -- and in any case, a shotgun grip makes way more sense in Oklahoma than a swimming pool pry tool. Egon could have found on in the homestead or bought parts in town.
... the more I look at the pics of the wand, the less I think that's a wooden rifle grip. A wooden grip would be too thick -- and the distressing suggests a coating was worn off to a brownish coating. The areas furthest from where hands would grip it are still black. I suppose you could get that effect with painted wood, but the thickness and pop rivets hang me up.

It's not the pool tool grip I showed above, but I feel like it's something akin to it -- a piece of 1/8" thick rubber with grooves molded onto one side.



Today I made a shotgun grip for the front handle and wrapped some gaff tape (painted green) to the rear handle. Earlier this week I installed the new strain relief connectors and added some more patina/grime to the pack.
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mrmichaelt wrote: February 23rd, 2020, 8:30 pm Would the pump on a BB shotgun be the same size as a real shotgun? Like a Marksman Plainsman?
Perhaps? I only had a break action Red Rider as a kid :)

The grip could be fashioned after a pump action shotgun's, I just don't think it's a stock wooden part. The grooves in a rifle grip are routed out of the wood or appear deeper in synthetic materials. The grooves on the proton thrower look molded.

But I could be wrong. We need a man on the inside to gather more data!
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