Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
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We all get it, we all try to block it, we almost never reply to it until a decent proposal breaks through...
Hmmm, seems legit.
Everyone, my enthusiasm was quite genuine for the record.
AH-HA! Thought you could pull a 'Fast One' over on ol' Brent did ya? That 2 grand isnt going anywhere! Unless...
Ya see, its all about the Gold Standard ;) Unless your dealing me Krugerrand's I aint dealing at all! lol
Ive found that its the little things sometimes :)
Sick, twisted things. LOL :boogieman:
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I have an email sitting in my inbox from the "CIA" threatening to release video of me watching lewd videos if I don't send 2.5 Bitcoin right away. Bwahahahahahahahahahahah!
FORWARD THAT TO ME!!! LOL :boogieman:
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... (The email's pretty vulgar.)
Aww! I Love vulgarity! lmao
Well to Conclude the Email correspondence I had with this scammer, it goes like this:

Dear Brent,

Thank you for your interest and information given to actualize this
project so far.

Now, it is important to let you know that we do not need the South
African Krugerrand in this process; all we need is your participation
in presenting the online account details from which the transfer would
be carried out smoothly into your existing bank account from here.

It would be our responsibility to get all the required backup
documents to present you as the beneficiary of the contractual amount
in the bank. Your responsibility is to get this online account setup
first in your name as the authenticated beneficiary only in the paying
bank at this point.

If you are interested and ready to work on this project, it is very
good to adhere to all procedural arrangements to enable us to succeed
without any encumbrances by the financial regulatory authorities here
in both countries to utilize this opportunity to enable us to secure
the future of children as planned.

I wait to hear from you soon for more details.

Yours truly,


Mark Edward,

Good to hear that you're on board too. I cant wait to begin, Im VERY
interested! Ive spoken Discreetly to my trust & holdings manager which
holds all my liquid assets (Krugerrand's, Gold Bars, etc) at the
Capitec bank of South Africa and he's informed me that its Our lucky

As of this moment to process this transaction of $2000 USD, to test
our account for the 25.5 Million I need your local Federal Gold
Depository's contact information so I can prepare to send the required
0.108 Pounds of 24 karat Gold (worth roughly $2004 USD).

Or, if you prefer, I can send the required Krugerrand's over to your
Federal Gold Depository and the exchange rate today is fantastic
today! But please keep in mind, since the Krugerrand is only 22
karats, 28846 Krugerrand's will need to be cleared for receivership by
your local Federal Reserve or Currency Exchange bank.

Remember, due to the fall of the US economy many people now invest &
deal with Gold & gold alone... If we want to retain Secrecy &
Security, using Gold is the safest route we can take. Its risk free
and a great way to cover our tracks.

As of this moment I have also been notified that my financial manager
Martin is also interested in investing an additional $2000 USD worth
of gold towards testing our account to Insure that it works properly.

Would you like his Email so he may express his enthusiasm in
contributing to our transaction going smoothly? Frankly, I think
sending $4000 USD in gold or Krugerrand's to you is a better way to
Secure the transaction.

What do you think?

Brent Markus

PS. I have attached a picture of one of my 1 ounce gold bars to show
how committed I am to this transaction.'

attached image:
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.....And NO Response :-( wtf? Kinda hurts my feelings. Was it because it was White Gold I offered him? Or was it the additional 2000 USD? :boogieman:

(Yes, I know... Im twisted, sometimes LOL)

Robotnik confirmed.

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