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By Rourkie.
Has anyone bought the new sound board with the SD card in it,if so have you noticed a slight delay when it's going from one sound into another,like when you start your pack up with the hum on,it starts up and at the end of start up there would be a slight silence den the hum would kick in,it's the same when your firing the wand and again there would be a slight silence before the vent sound kicks in,it's like there's a slight delay between sounds not like the original board where all the sounds blend in to one another,
I have tried a few different settings on it and it's still the same even new batteries and no good,
if i delete and reinstall the sounds on the SD card could this maybe fix it?

Any help/advice on this would be great,

By Makuta
i realize this is a few months old, but i bought this new soundboard and noticed the same thing.
mostly going from start up/hum then sound fades out, then the continuious hum sound fades in, its a bit annoying because my other pack with the old board does not do that.

Rourkie, have you heard anything yet?
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By Rourkie.
Hi Makuta,
I still have the problem,i was told that there would be sound files uploaded to the product page and to delete and reinstall and it would fix the problem but there was no files uploaded to the site to do that so im no further with it,
I'm running on my old soundboard still and its very anoying to have the new one and can't use it :(
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