Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
Should they not get Grooberson to return for Ghostbusters 4 who do you want instead?

Who would you like to see along side him if he does return? Another Avenger perhaps? Jermey Renner? Tom Hiddleton as Walter Peck? Will we continue to see the tradition of adding Avengers to the Ghostbusters ranks?
Grooberson was the perfect choice in my view.

He was the embodiment of the ultimate Ghostbusters fan in 2021.

He had the enthousiasm of Ray: "whoa killer replica!"

The smarts of Egon and the wit of Venkman: "history is safe, geometry is safe, science is all particle accelerators and hydrogen bombs, the safety pins are the nipples of academia"

And the common sense of Zeddemore.

His mannerisms walking around the store looking for ice-cream were pure Venkman.

I see him becoming a Ghostbuster.

Shame they didn't give him a Swiss last name like Venkman, Stantz and Spengler. That's what made those names stand apart as OG Ghostbusters.

    So sorry for your loss friend.

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