Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By TristanJones
I was just informed the other day that my first issue of Tales of the TMNT for the 25th Anniversary has gone to the printers and should be on shelves or in online stores early March! I'm not sure how many comic book or TMNT fans there are here, but if anyone has even any vague interest, be sure to pick it up! I was basically given the all clear to bring in a new major villain, the first since since the Shredder and Baxter Stockman from the original comic books!

Before you ask, there is no Rocksteady, Bebop, Krang or the Technodrome -- these are the harder-edged comics that it all started from, so it's a much darker, more adult book.

If you want a preview, take a look over here. The artwork is by Paul Harmon, who I worked with on Tales of the TMNT #36 and #50, and who also provided the art for Rick Remender's "Sea of Red" comics from Image.

By the by, any support would be welcomed! I can't say too much yet, but Scott Lobdell isn't the only person in the running for the next GB comic... ;)
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By Fritz
TristanJones wrote:By the by, any support would be welcomed! I can't say too much yet, but Scott Lobdell isn't the only person in the running for the next GB comic... ;)

I'm the only person to notice you just said that?

Scott's an awesome writer, and could certainly bring the funny, but I have no idea how much he knows about Ghostbusters. That's clearly not a problem with you, Mr. Jones.

I wish you luck!
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By Kingpin
I know nothing of Mr. Lobdell, but hearing he can write funny immediately puts him ahead in terms of Ghostbusters-appropriateness compared to that hack, Champaigne.

And of courese, Trist, I'd also be rooting for you.

Looking forward to seeing how the next miniseries develops.
By JackIvyGB
Well, it sounds like the other guy also does work for a Whedon title or 2, along with Ghost Whisperer, so he may have experience with the paranormal as well...

...I would say Tristan has the advantage though, being in with us here. He's got my vote, along with my money for the tmnt books!
I like lobdell and all he is a good writer, but I hope tristan gets it, just cause I belive he knows more about the franchise. He knows what we the ghostheads like.
By TristanJones
I've got everything crossed, believe me, as it'd be a dream come true, but I'm not going to bank on it yet. Be sure to grab these Turtles books though! This first one's a little more serious (you start a new arc with a bad-ass villain, you need to be sure he means business, right?) but as they go on, I'm injected a bit more humour into it. The last one for this year is all told entirely from Mikey's P.O.V. which was probably the most fun to write. Make sure you check them out, I'd love to hear some feedback from people outside of the regular TMNT folks! I think some are already calling for my head when they saw the villain I'm playing with :whatever:

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