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By lynx420
im thinking about getting my first proton pack builded for me i been talking to karnivorous creations about it and he seems like a great choice but i would like to know has anyonre gotten a pack made by them and if so how good are they ? u see i would like to get one a close to the movie as possible
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By Kingpin
If you're based in the United Kingdom, give Nick-a-tron or Ben of Kent a look, although I don't know if they sell fully-furnished Packs rather than just the shells for them.

If you're US-based, whatever you do, avod Videobob (Bob Mosely) like the plague, as his Packs are poor quality and rip off the work of other prop builders.
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By jreverhart
Nothin for Nothin, but I would recommend doing the build yourself, almost everything you need is available here at the online store, and its actually easier than it looks. I'm about 85% completed with my 1st build, and its going very well, its intimidating at 1st but I promise take your time, buy lots of loc-tite epoxy putty, a good set of spade bits, a solid assortment of tapping bits, about 5-6 cans of satin black spray paint, and you'll do just fine. before each step search the boards or ask a question the group on here is extremely helpful and friendly. I will say though..... it's not cheap to go authentic or at least for me semi-authentic. so prepare to buy parts in pieces, and for the build to take some time ( my ETA on completion is 11 months from the day I drilled my 1st hole) but its extremely rewarding. and you'll be much happier with it when you did it yourself. anyone who builds it for you will never love it as much as you do..... just sayin...... Good Luck! OH!!! PS. Surfboard ding repair UV setting resin is great for fixing chips and dings in the shell.... believe me if you stripped the paint of f of mine.... just about every corner is resin repaired lol.
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