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By jreverhart
Hello Everyone,

I'm sure there is already at least one if not multiple posts out there regarding the electronics kits available from GBFans but I wanted to make sure I express my experience with them.

First and Foremost, I must be perfectly transparent that I am in no way tech savvy when it comes to wiring, mounting, or working with electronics in this manner. (basically if I cant plug it in a wall I call a guy)

On my pack build (1st one) I decided early on to go with the kits available through I have not been disappointed. the boards are easy to mount, rugged enough to be handled by a novice like myself and work perfectly straight out of the box.

I have received a multitude of assistance with set up from ghostheads on here, and Spongeface who makes these boards. I HIGHLY recommend these, I know there are a lot of options out there but I can personally say that installation, ease of use, and overall quality would be hard to match by a competitor.

Troubles I've had (believe me they're minor)
1. the documents available with the product listing appear to be of earlier models so I had a moment of panic when I attempted to test the soundboard as per the instructions and the song didn't play. THATS IT! and I got clarification same day I installed it so it was a non issue.

Everything else has been fantastic.

I have purchased
GBFans Pack lights- installed
Pack light upgrade- installed (changing cyclotron colors)
GBFans Soundboard- installed
GBFans wand lights- installed

all working together with the ease of plug and play ribbon cables.

So in closing if your not sure what to get and the electronics seem overwhelming like they did for me. These are the kits to get for sure!
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By SpaceBallz
I've been thinking about picking one of these up to go with my spirit pack light board upgrade (their compatible) but just like you I know very little to jack shit about wiring.

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