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By Bolthouse
Hey All,

My father has asked me to sell his 1977 Ford Ranchero GT (Red/Silver). I just watched the GB: Afterlife trailer and much to my surprise, the exact same vehicle is featured in the trailer as the kids drive out to the old abandon (or maybe not so abandon) Shandor mine.

While I have the vehicle listed on some classic car buy/sell sites, I wanted to make it known to the GB fan community that this vehicle is available. Frankly, as the vehicle is now cannon, I'd much rather sell it to a GB fan than a random car collector.

I looked at the classified section of this forum and saw that buy/sell posts could only be made by supporting members. However, I don't see any links to become a supporting member.

Would any of you be able to give me the lowdown on how to become a supporting member?

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By Kingpin
Supporting Memberships can be purchased via this page: Link

Though I must confess, I really don't feel this is the best place to see your father's car. I understand that an identical make vehicle crops up in Afterlife, but it doesn't appear to belong to Trevor and Phoebe's family, nor the Ghostbusters... It appears to belong to some tertiary characters who, apart from Trevor's love interest, probably don't even have names.

If you were selling a 1959 Cadillac, then it'd make sense to list it here. :)

I don't wish to discourage you, but I'm worried it could be listed here for a while without getting any interest.
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By Bolthouse
I look at it this way. The 1977 Ford Ranchero GT is a unique car on it's own ... but to include it in the first two shots of the first full trailer after a 31 year hiatus ... that's not insignificant.

Even if it's not a hero prop, it is cannon and given the the propensity for fans to enjoy obscure pop culture references, I can totally see someone rolling up to a con or related event in the Ranchero. GB fans will get it, and it'll fly over the heads of everyone else. If you want to make it a little more obvious, slap a film related bumper sticker on there and it'll tip a few more people off.

As for the supporting membership to list the vehicle, it's money well spent. Thanks for the link.

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