Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
This was interesting. Bill Murray was in Chicago for “Harold Ramis Day” which is also Groundhog Day. Bill gives a speech. It’s very nice. GB even gets a couple mentions from the MC. Apparently the ECTO 1 and some GB’s were there. It’s mostly about Harold and the Groundhog Day movie but still pretty cool.

That was great, I just watched through the whole thing and it was so nice the way they all spoke about Harold. There are a few other videos from that day on youtube, i found one where they interview Bill for a short while and you can see some people dressed up as Ghostbusters standing behind him:


Also, I am assuming the Bust they have of Harold is the same one we saw in Answer the Call?


And I found this picture on Twitter/X that shows the Ecto 1 they were talking about in the first video:

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