Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By MazdaChris
Hey everyone. I thought I'd put this is general since it's more GB-adjacent than GB-specific.

In the video for the Beastie Boys track Three MC's And One DJ, there's a long section at the start with Mix Master Mike walking down the street in what looks like a sort of homemade GB (or, perhaps more accurately, GB inspired) costume.

I wondered whether anyone has ever looked into this costume and the weird pack he's wearing?

It looks like a navy blue flight suit (with velcro patch, pockets etc) with a US flag and NASA patch, with a white t-shirt underneath and white trainers. The flight suit appears to have a pointed rather than a rounded collar. The t-shirt has some kind of red and black design on the front. He's also carrying a record with a white label - might be samples for scratching.

His pack appears to be comprised of:
  • A light grey shell made from one half of an equipment hard/flight case
  • A silver pressure bottle held on with two metal strips
  • A grey box with three large lights/lighted pushbuttons, and a spherical greebly connected to silver hoses
  • A dark grey or black, intricately-shaped box on the top also connected to hoses (could be the top of a small cylinder vacuum cleaner?)
  • A black flexible hose hanging loose, with some kind of connector on the end (where you'd expect the thrower to attach)
The pack has some kind of dark-coloured padded harness, possibly an ALICE harness but the frame isn't visible. It may be inside the shell.

Overall it looks like it's kitbashed from various found parts. I'm vaguely tempted to research it properly and make a replica, but being mostly found parts it looks like it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to recreate 25 (yikes!) years later.

Anyone interested in this?
By joezlo
Doesn't he walk into a venue and it opens up into his DJ gear?

If not, I'm thinking of another GB homage the Beasties must've done.
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By Kingpin
joezlo wrote: July 10th, 2024, 10:24 am Doesn't he walk into a venue and it opens up into his DJ gear?
He walks in, but then sets it down on a chair. It doesn't do anything other than light up.
By MazdaChris
Probably a bit of Mandela effect there as I was sure he opened it up and got records out or something. But no, just dumps it on the chair and does his thing.

I’d guess the shell probably is one half of a turntable flight case or record box lid though.

The white t-shirt is his own branded MMM tee - it has Mix Master Mike in a sort of Asian looking font in white, around a red circle. In the centre is a picture of Bruce Lee wearing headphones. There are a couple of vintage tees on eBay that match it. Though the prices are a bit eye watering.

The record he’s carrying is called Beastie Show Breaks and it’s a white label release of riffs and scratch samples by the Beasties. There’s a great video of MMM breaking down the drum and scratch sections of the track where you can see him using it. Guy’s a certifiable genius. Records do come up for sale from time to time but they’re pretty rare from what I can tell and often go for a fair bit of money.

I’ll do a bit more digging on the pack. Interestingly there’s an interview where he’s asked who came up with the idea of him wearing a proton pack and he says his wife had the idea of him flying in on a jet pack and it was a great idea so they did that. But it doesn’t really look much like a jet pack and he just walks around with it on his back. I dunno, I guess his memories are not entirely reliable. Still a genius though…
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