By goodale.jason
How do you guys measure and cut out a single piece of foam to run along the inside of your goggles?
Any specific techniques or tricks would be appreciated!
Thank you all in advance!
By WShawn
I started with 1 1/4" x 3/8" foam sealing tape I bought at Home Depot: ... /205511240

I trimmed 1/4" off of the tape to leave a width of 1".

I then cut V-shaped darts into the tape to form it around the rounded corners of the goggle frames:



The adhesive on the tape isn't strong enough to really hold the tape to the frame. I initially tried to augment the adhesive with plain rubber cement (right before I debuted my Ecto Goggles at the 2017 Rose City Comic Con), but the heat from my head caused that to fail. I ended up removing all of the glue using an adhesive release and then gluing down the tape with E6000 glue. It seems to be a very strong bond that's unaffected by heat.

ICYMI, here's the thread on my build. I never got around to completely finishing the thread, including the foam:


Good luck with your build.

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