By Oxnard Montalvo
Just about to embark on budget welding goggles build. But having trouble finding out where to place LEDs. All the goggle replicas for sale have different lighting schemes.
Is it just the lenses that light up?
Are there any flashing or sequencing lights?

Any advice greatfully received.
By Glenn Frederick
The Ecto Goggles never had lights. The Prop never lit up and the only thing that suppose to light up (In Movie) was the display screen. The lenses having lights was started with fans wanting their goggles to do something and that carried on into some official merchandise like the Spirit Halloween Goggles so it's really up to you on how you want them to function.
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By abritinthebay
The best use of LED lights I've seen in the goggles is a VERY low green glow *inside* them. When wearing it doesn't obscure your vision (assuming you placed them sensibly) and you can just see a hint of light from the outside giving it a nice night-vision vibe to the public.

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