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By jacklawyer
Just finishing up my first Ecto Goggle build...quick pair of questions:

1— How did you stick your labels on? I bought some pre-printed stickers off ebay and they're definitely not sticky enough... I'm happy to print off new ones, but how did you stick them?

2— Do any of you happen to know the exact measurements for the Nick a tron lense size? That is, I need the actual lenses ..

Thank you all very much!!
By Krieger
I took a pair of calipers and tried my own measurements, was close but should have measured again before sending out to laser cut transparent green acrylic circles. Here is what I did, you may want to remeasure your lenses. The circles I had cut were 23MM and 31MM diameter. Should have made them 1/8" thick, I got 1/4" thick and should glue in just fine. Used green since I am going to light them, not look through them.

1/8" lens holders were an addition to use cap screws to hold the lenses in place (just winged it with PowerPoint for Mac, exported the template to PDF so the plastics shop could laser cut a few for the next set of nick-a-tron goggles for my wife's costume. Realized I needed to make the holes for the cap screws larger, but just drilled them larger. Need to fix that PowerPoint :)
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