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By Chris Brewin
I know, I know... there are a bunch of threads about refinishing the Matty goggles... I don't think I've seen them all, so forgive me if the techniques I'll talk about below have been mentioned before.

I didn't bother with any "Before" pictures as there are so many available all over the place. I picked up these tricks from watching Cosplay Chris' Custom Collectables. My "tools" were...

-Kiwi liquid shoe polish
-silver Sharpie
-bronze Sharpie

I used the Kiwi polish on a bunch of places to dirty up the edges and get some definition in some of the line-work. The silver Sharpie was used on some of the screws and on the lenses a bit to make it look like the paint had work off. I used the bronze on the top strap stud to make it look like steel stud had rusted some.

Keep in mind, this is my first go...

Still to do... add a D-ring to the upper strap and stitch it in so give a place to clip the goggles to one of my fobs from Tyger Cheex.

When I get home (at the end of the summer) and have better work-space, I plan to do to a few things...

1) Sand off all the "legal guff."
2) Change the straps a bit to ones that are actually adjustable (even though they currently fit my big brain box relatively well).
3) Change the rubber ring on the inside to some more comfortable weather stripping or padding of some kind.
4) Repaint the body a flat olive drab.
5) Paint the lenses totally silver, then use liquid masking and Kiwi polish techniques, along with flat-black to make them look better.
6) Add some rusting effects to add to the weathering.
7) Maybe try some 50/50 urethane/ink mix to add some finishing, slimed, touches.

Anyone got any tips about better stickers? Maybe ones that can handle some weathering, too.

More to come in the fall!
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