By Danimaljoe3
So, I’m trying to make my very first pair of Goggles and I’m going 3D print them. I’m using files downloaded from Thingiverse, but I have to edit the files for printing. Does anyone know know the dimensions for the goggles? My software says they are
X- 1.29 ft
Y- 7.22 in
Z- 9.56 in

But that seems wrong. I pasted the link to the files I’m using. If anyone has used these files for their goggles, can you help a guy out?
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By WindDrake
Ew, .obj.

The OBJ files are exported in a weird format, and the author says to scale by a factor of 10 (x1000) to get the proper size.

The goggle base comes up as 155.22mm x 72.16mm x 95.60mm or 6.11" x 2.84" x 3.76" when scaled.

The AN/PVS-5 should be 6.5" x 6.8" x 4.7" assembled, so I'm going to bet that the model is dead on when assembled.
By Danimaljoe3
I figured it out. I just needed to change the scaling from 100% to 1000%. I've pretty much got everything printed and all the pieces turned out pretty well. The smaller pieces have some issues, but I'm not going to complain too much about that. Thanks for the reply!
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