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By randomZERO
Soooooo today my Goggles and PKE Meter arrived. I immediately tore down the Goggles. They Looked like this:

I will say they are a good base, so lets break some sh*t.


At that point I had removed the back rubber and plastic shield. I am going to reuse both of these pieces. I am going to glue the rubber onto the plastic so its one piece. I am then going to use velcro on both sides to attach that to the goggles so I can easily get into the back of them to work on them.

This was just test fitting the 3D printed eye pieces and they fit perfect.


If you are a purest I would turn back now. I took ALOT of liberties and will take ALOT more as I go along.

OK. If you are still here, lets get started. I started crafting my light harness for my uhhhhhh additional lights. I will be adding more but need to order them. what I have so far is this:


So what is that? So far it is 5x 3mm UV leds. Why 5? Because I had 5 and they were taking up space. I also like UV and they don't put off a ton of light. That green led puts out a Buttload of light. I also have 2x 3mm red flashing leds. I have not figured out where I am going to put these, but I am kind of brainstorming that currently. I also want to add 2x 3mm yellow leds with the flashing red, kinda to signify "powered up and ready." Speaking of power, I have these wired to a 9volt battery with its own separate switch so that the one green led is powered by the stock AA batteries it came with. I did this for two reasons. 1. If I want to run just that one I can. 2. The wiring and such was fine for what it was, so why touch it. 3. I like the look of the UV and Power stuff on power up, then when im "hunting ghosts" I can turn the knob on the side and turn the super bright green lens on kinda like an extra magnification.(it makes sense to me)

This is a test fit of the UV leds and where they will eventually be stuff in place. I think once I paint the lenses black and chrome it will look alot better.

I plan to paint the main goggle fixture flat black and then add some weathering. I just need to find a day when it is not raining. Paint is what is holding me up right now with this and my proton pack build. When I start working again I will get some more pics.
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By randomZERO
IM AN IDIOT. I had in my head to thank WindDrake for the printed pieces he graciously put up the plans for and forgot.

Thank You WindDrake for ALL of the things you have given to the community. They are all amazing.

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