By danimal
introducing myself... my middle son is an awesome Down Syndrome kid with a super fascination in everything Ghostbusters, which is great way to relive my own childhood as being one of my all time favorites along with him and the family. Since he will not legally be allowed to drive the streets I figured I'd better make him a cool car to drive him around myself for as long as I can. After two years of searching I found a hearse/combo car within an attainable amount, and am sourcing the parts I need to not only convert the body, but also all the gear to go on/in it.
I'd love any assistance I can get on finding and acquiring super hard items... if any one has any extra/secondary parts they are willing to sell, like blue lightbar pieces, siren, gurney, etc. etc. please let me know. I don't mind piecing together everything and will gladly recondition items. Thanks folks! Can't wait to get this thing rolling...
By BRD 527
Nice Wheels! That car totaly screams pre-ecto 1 :love:
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