By nursewolfie
Hi everyone!
I wanted to share my latest project and also ask for ideas. I turned a 2019 GMC Terrain into an ectomobile.
My team is the Cowford Ghostbusters of Jacksonville Florida, and I'm the team medic. I am affectionately naming it the Ecto-RN.
So, my issue is that I want the roof rack to be removable and not tied into the terrain, but i still need to get power to it. I have an older jetsonic lightbar and a new voltex lightbar, both halogen rotators, and pulling about 18 amps each, then i have a 1200w boss audio speaker/amp system that i should be able to bluetooth to my phone, it pulls about 10 amps.
I was thinking about using a deep cycle battery and wiring everything up in the rack itself, but im kinda unsure.
Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated. I will attach pictures as soon as I can figure out how
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By Creativeguy
Wow that's pretty sweet! How are the blue tubes stick to the car? Magnets? Been thinking of using them myself but not sure if they will hold well enough against the wind generated by driving. Did you make the yellow tanks?
By nursewolfie
Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I have 8 neodymium magnets holding the base on and another 2 holding the white strap in the center. Those are real o2 tanks on the sides. All total the rack weighs around 80+ lbs
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By nursewolfie
Its actually a plastic 3 dish tray that i got from dollar tree. I filled it with spray foam insulation to harden it and glued in the 4 inch pipe couplings and the 1 inch fitting in the last one for the braided hose
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