By Boomerjinks
69428scj wrote:Thanks Bryan, y'all ain't gonna believe what you're about see tomorrow!
Indeed. It is waaaaay after Tomorrow. What's up?
By Fifthrider
Shut up. Don't encourage him. He said Ohio. I feel dirty for just typing that word.

I figured you meant a metric "tomorrow" not a standard "tomorrow" so I erred on the side of patience. Patience that was wasted on the word....

No, I refuse to type it a second time.
By Fifthrider
The front of my car never looked that good. I spent this weekend polishing all chrome and it still looks like I drove through a playground full of children more than once. I love those decals on your bumper. I could never find those in English, let alone in French. ( The originals were French, weren't they? ) Gah, even all your little bullets shine. I'm jealous. Sean's is missing some and mine look like they're made out of steel wool.

69428scj wrote:Well it looks like Fifthrider and I are world famous on those intrawebs. Thanks (I think?) to the person from here posting my name in this thread. Btw, y'all will get more updates tonight!

You and me both. I've been driving it everywhere all weekend, it's at work with me now. Good luck to you and your continued outings. Keep it in good condition, if the original doesn't work when/if the 3rd movie starts, it'll pretty much be you or Sean being called in as a stand in.

Some of the more interesting quotes on that page:

[–]Excelsior_Smith 0 points 3 days ago
Apparently, they're EVERYWHERE.

[–]CubanRefugee 2 points 3 days ago
The one in Colorado is owned by a dude named Boomerjinks who does tv/movie replica automobiles. He has also created a Back to the Future DeLorean, an FLCL Vespa, Jurassic Park Jeep, and a TMNT Van.

( Kevin has created more cars than George Barris. I'm pretty sure he also made a hearse with flamethrowers on the fender. I should just admit now, publicly, that Kevin made my car. ....the whole thing. One afternoon. God's honest truth. )

[–]kaotic 2 points 3 days ago
Theres someone in San Diego that has one... saw it getting towed a few days ago.

( fix it, drive it, tow it, fix it, drive it, tow it, rinse, lather, repeat.... )
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By Donkey8012
Sweet Jesus. I'll trade you one testicle and any two digits from my left hand for what you have there. Excluding the thumb, of course...
By 69428scj
Martin, the car show was in Cincinnati 11-13 January. The tv show Batmobile in the picture wasn't the original, that car was the Barrett-Jackson auction that weekend so I had to settle for a replica. So here's a question for everyone, I'm thinking about adding a little 1A flavor to the car...what does everyone think?

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By lrdsatyr8
Loren, I gotta say that looks awesome, but I noticed something that I've been spotting in my Ecto-1 build, is that the fan motor on the top rack and it's mountings aren't black... they are supposed to white or grey from the movie. If you go back to the movie and look at the scene where the ecto is coming up to Dana's apartment building (near the end of the movie) and you can see just the top of the roof rack, you'll notice that the fan motor and it's mounts are all white/gray in color, not black like it is on yours. I don't know if you missed that or not, but I thought I would throw it out there for ya to consider. Personally I can't imagine all the work that has gone into this car. I'm just building the model, but my goodness. How much did all of that end up setting you back just in bits and peices? I'm in the process of trying to make the back of my Ecto as accurate to the movie as possible. I think I have all the info I need. Am working on it now and have started a build log on the SMA.
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