By Boomerjinks
Positively amazing. A very high quality article, reporters tend to get so many things wrong, this looks good!
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By egie
Awesome, I met Michael Rooker (Merle) at a con he is super cool!
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By pyhasanon
So frickin' awesome... my dream car which I probably will never own... pretty sure never... sigh... Let me know if you're ever in the Virginia area! You did an amazing job!
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By pyhasanon
69428scj wrote:We got one!

God... How many of us here can say that we've done this in our life... None, just Loren... I bow to you, dear Sir...
By ZedR
Correct Signal Stat Dual Comm lightbar will be the hardest part. An awesome addition to your project!
By 69428scj
Believe it or not, I found the dual comm within 15 minutes of looking, but it has red domes. I hear clear ones are like hens teeth, so I think I'm going to look into having them made.
By corolere
If you need any infos the Dodge pictured is my ex car, PM me I built it myself and have a lot of infos; about clear domes they are not as hard as you think when you know where to dig. I tought to make them too but the size is too hard to copy except if you want to mold-vacuum them,. which can be more expensive than the car itself...


By Boomerjinks
I had the opportunity to drive one of CMC's 78 Monacos (Hazzard Co. Sheriff) once, and it was just a good experience. It's still got that comfy, floaty 70s car feeling without being a total land yacht. I loved every second of it.

Also, next to movie cars my greatest love is classic police and utility vehicles. This is going to be amazing.
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By spark
Such a beautiful car. Well done. I hope I can make it to Ohio sometime to see her.

By 69428scj
So, no shit...there I was, on the highway doing about 60 when all of a sudden the car starts shaking violently. First I think is my carrier bearing's gone to hell in a handbasket and my driveshaft is rattling all over the place inside the tunnel. So I pull over onto the shoulder, look underneath and don't really see anything. So I get back on because I'm only a mile from an exit. The car is shaking so bad I think it's going to fall apart so I pull off and into a parking. Cut to the chase; I have the car towed home and today I give a good inspection. Turns out I'm missing a good chunk of tread from the tire!

hooray for $300 I wasn't expecting to spend the week I'm going to hopefully meet BFM.
By Matt Campbell
Holy Crap!!! Hope the rest of your Ecto is alright, that's a hell of a thing to happen especially while your driving.
By Fifthrider
I'm assuming you're using the 4" whitewalls in a ply tire? I only ask because Eric and I had Sean with us in the car one day and our ply tire lost a swatch of tread and basically did the same thing. In our case we had the benefit of other sets of eyes in the car to see it flopping around and then tearing free and flying off on the freeway. You may not have had that luxury if you were by yourself.

We currently use the inaccurate ( but much safer ) 3.5" whitewalls in a radial tire. I feel a lot safer. Whatever accuracy one thinks they're getting by using a ply tires, I don't think it's worth the offset of safety. This all assumes your issue here involved ply tires?
Ecto-1 fan liked this
By 69428scj
I use this tire which is correct not only for our commercial chassis but correct whitewall width. ... -tire.html running a radial tire on rims and suspension that was designed for bias ply tires is a risk. Radial tries have a much stiffer sidewall that could lead to rim cracking and premature bushing/spring failure. Tread lightly good sir!
By gb4ever
It could be worse... My M+M looks like it lost a battle with the Jersey Devil from "The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It" episode of Extreme Ghostbusters... :whatever:
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