By Busterchris
Your Car Sucks.......Horrible Idea.......East Coast Tour.........Even WORSE!!!!!

When are you comming to Maryland and Mind stopping by Baltimore so I can Buy you a Well Deserved Beer and pizza??
By Ketchum
Gonna have to agree with Chris on this one.
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By ProtonCharger
Central Ga Ghostbusters wrote:Still not a fan of the hazard tape (though I have it on my switch box and my air tank) or the smaller logos, but that rack kicks ass!
coming from the guy that thinks lambo doors on an ecto is a good idea...

i think this is the most tastefully done magnum ive seen around. there's nothing gawdy about it, and it looks clean.
So, have you hooked up with the AZ guys yet with the new roadster??? I'm doing sketches now--Sam our new member has a fixer upper for FREE. not a traditional Ecto, but I hope to make it cool and &*&Y*&* street legal for PA, so it will have 2 dixie cups and 1 xmas tree light under a heavy tarp--LOL.

couple questions:

1. is the top box bolted through the roof, or secured on the luggage rack. if so, how?

2. how thick is the plastic box, material wise?

3 the yellow pods, how are they secured. A metal band? Are they hooked to the roof box, or luggage rack?

4 how are the dishes etc attached to the box? with bolts? from the inside or outside of the roof box?

5 is there a car battery/power source inside the box, or down in the Ecto? What, if any thing, lights up/moves on the roof?

6 how heavy is the roof box?

7 what is a good price for black and yellow safety tape? best brand? where do I get it?

thanks, Boomer!
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By Chace
ProtonCharger wrote: coming from the guy that thinks lambo doors on an ecto is a good idea...
hahahaha While I AM building my car the way I want, I have to admit that I enjoy the fact that some of the custom things I like pisses fanboys off!

Nobody's opinion has any greater merit than anybody elses. I LOVE my car and can't wait to add my rack with functional air tanks for my air ride system. And since its my car MY opinion is the only one that really matters to me.

CLEARLY You don't like my car, that's cool. Build your own! BoomerJinks and I ( and the mystery fella with the code 3's on his) are not the only people in the world to own Magnums. I really don't know why my car seems to annoy you so much, you dont own it, you dont have to ride in it, If you don't click on a thread where it's mentioned that its posted you don't have to see it, your not even in the same state as it, so why all the hate? Please, I invite you..............get off my sac!
bradboss12 wrote:7 what is a good price for black and yellow safety tape? best brand? where do I get it?

Hey Bradboss,

I know you directed your questions to Boomer, but here is where I found my tape at a decent price and they have it as reflective and shipping time was quick:

Hopes this helps.

Stop shitting up this thread, guys.

Caution striping is most-easily found in rolls of reflective tape at hardware stores. I know Ace has at least two different types and colors always in stock. The problem with using reflective tape is that when someone takes a picture of your car, the picture will probably come out like this: ... CN5267.jpg

And that's retarded.

Box is bolted to the luggage rack, which we installed.

The plastic is 1/4 inch thick, the steel is 1".

The tanks are secured with pipe-holders from Home Depot. They each have two feet bolted into either the frame or the box itself. Behind them are rubber stoppers that keep them from wobbling. You could use metal strapping but it almost always looks like ass.

The dish is bolted through the plastic to a reinforcing structure inside the box to keep everything from wobbling due to the flexibility of the plastic.

All power is inside the car. The battery of the Magnum is in the back, which makes everything so very easy.

The rack is heavier than the last one, but it is also much much larger. Haven't weighed it yet but I would say it's a good 150lbs.
One thing i think that would add to it would be to come off of the theory of ghostbusters franchises that started up like suggested for the 3rd movie, and put something on it somwhere that says like:
SEC: 19

with that, hey it could be a legitimate ectomobile of a different franchise
Tonight was the Film on the Rocks screening of Ghostbusters at Red Rocks. Over 9000 (hurrrrrr) people crammed into the park and amphitheater to see it. Along with the Princess Bride, this has been the only FotR showing to completely sell out.

We received backstage passes and some special parking privileges in exchange for welcoming movie-goers to the park at the box office and greeting them as they left the amphitheater. Red Rocks is a naturally-formed amphitheater that was developed in the 40s, and then later in the 70s. It is the most popular venue in Colorado aside from stadiums and arenas. It is certainly one of the most enjoyable, who wouldn't love watching their favorite band performing under a starry sky with an astonishing view of the city?

This might give you an idea...

Anyway, after getting the wiring done on the Ecto we arrived at about 7pm and set up shop at the main entrance.
Richie(Caedian) and Kris(Crix) standing guard before the majestic Foothills.

Shauna and Lea being just about the best GBgirls imaginable.

Oh hello, Officer!

The boys enjoy the honks while Shauna makes scary-face.

This is how you do a calendar photo.

Or this. This works, too.

Stay tuned for more as they roll in from the instawebs!
very VERY nice job on the Ecto! I've been meaning to see how that came along. If you make it to KY I would totally buy you some drinks. :cool: Makes me want to get a Magnum and do that :-)
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