Back again with another fun update. I've been hard at work building the BGM-34C panels, and I am quite impressed with how they have turned out. I collaborated with a couple amazing people to actually bring these things to light.

I had fun doing these, especially those weathered areas around the edges. Came out really well.

No detail is being spared while putting this thing together. If it cant be found, I will build the sucker. lol

Let me know what you think.





I'm going to start working on the rear boxes. I really want this to be a full replica. At least as close as I can get, just because I'm going on the few hard to see photos of the area behind these front panels. We'll get there. haha

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I was able to find another hard to find item, the Midland 77-859 CB Radio. A special thanks goes out to one of the guys in the facebook group (Lyndon Stephenson) for helping me locate one.

You wouldn't think it would be hard to come across one of these old CB radios, but they are ridiculously hard to find.

One piece at a time!


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