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By Doctor Venkman
So I'm looking at some lightbars... and I'm planning on going relatively cheap to start out.

But for events, if the car is not running... do people use some kind of external battery hook-up? I'm looking at options, and I can either hard wire the lightbars into my battery or use the cigarette lighters (which is what I'm likely going to do).

But I was curious what people usually do for their set-ups so that they don't kill their battery.
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By Kingpin
An external source makes sense from my negligible knowledge of the subject, something that doesn't drain the car's battery whilst it's parked on-site, and also can be utilised in very rare driving instances.
By BRD 527
put a second battery in your trunk and wire the lightbar to that with an inline fuse and hook the battery up to a trickle charger when not in use

try to steer clear of using cigarette lighter / power points they can short out to easily
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By SpaceBallz
Does anyone have a picture or diagram of their secondary power source hook up? I'm bringing mine into a shop to wire but a 2nd battery in the back sounds better.
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By Hammer
I used a second battery and inline fuse. I also put all the overhead light controls in the rear as well. Some states have laws in place making it illegal to even display the lights on top. With the controls in the back you have a much better argument that you have no intent on lighting them while driving. It also keeps the temptation to do so away. I'm a 20 year Policeman here and I've been temped into flipping them on. The controls in the back very well kept me off the Chief's carpet explaining why I was doing dumb things. Good luck with your project!
By BRD 527
Make sure to check your state and local laws for emergency lighting. I live in Illinois and Red and/or Blue lights are illegal "displayed lighted or unlighted" so simply having them installed is a no no that's why I stick with Amber or Green. You can allways get a spare set of blue domes/lenses and swap them when you go to a car show or whatever that or just make or buy a black fabric lightbar cover. ;)
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By SpaceBallz
I had custom purple/green patterned LED light bars made, definitely wont be turning them on unless its parked or for a parade.
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By Veeb0rg
If i have time I'll def post my wire diagram. I run a 2nd battery for all the lights/sounds on mine, and its setup to automatically disconnect from the starting battery when the key is off and reconnect to be charged when the key is on. Works well. Failing that I carry a small booster pack for just in case.

I have full blue lightbars on mine, I went to walmart bought a few black king pillowcases and slit them so they slide over the bars and then velcro in place. I looked into professional out of service covers but they're far far to expensive for a few weeks a year.
By BRD 527
I like the black pillow case idea! :cool:
By Spyphish
We have a 66 Miller Meteor 48 Hightop ECTEAUX conversion. We installed a sealed RV battery in one of the medical storage compartments. We have a smart RV solenoid which keeps the house battery charged while driving and can be called on to help start the car if need be. House battery also runs a 110 inverter for smoke machine and Yamaha DJ system in parades. Finally is two 110v to 12v invertors which will run all the 12v stuff while plugged into a 110 source for extended static display. Two master cutoff switches kill everything when stored. It will be used three days at Big Easy Con Nov 1 -3 in New Orleans if you want to check it out. Very trick but requires a lot of fuses and circuit breakers for saftey. Stephen
Should i build it?

Look forward to seeing the progression!


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