By 69428scj
Earlier this year I purchased from its original owner, and am now looking to relaunch the site. Sadly almost all our original research is gone/scattered all over the internets, so I am enlisting the help of you all, if you'd like to do so. I know nothing about message boards, know enough about website building to break something, and not enough time to gather all the resources needed. So, I think a relaunch would be an awesome group effort. I know this is all vague, but I'm all about collaboration. So, who's interested?! 😀
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By back
Ahem.... I USED to run ECTO-135 ....back in the day it was the Premier Ecto site out there. Replica owners interviews, Types of parts, where to get them, measurements, etc... But, Most of my info was toasted in a HDD failure in 2014, but Its still out there. Its not Proptopia, but its still good. Another old user you might want try to get a hold of FROM this forum (havent seen him in forever) is River Of Slime.... He knew the 1A inside & out. Another person called Dean Newman has an amazing Ecto-1a. PM ME.
By 69428scj
I remember your site. I've spoken with Dean a couple times. I'll PM you in a little while. River of Slime was a great resource for me when I first started doing my research. What I'm struggling with right now is not having the time to gather everything we recorded over the past decade plus. I used the site as basically a repository for everything I did/recorded and then when it was shut down it all disappeared.
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