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HI! I'm making an Ecto 1 , for the Hasbro Plasma series, one that actually fits the 6 inch action figures, It's a work in progress for now, I am trying to document it in my youtube channel, if you have time give it a watch, this is the first one, just waiting for winter to be over to finish the painting, there are 2 videos so far, hope you guys like it!

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By Bison256
That looks great! Since its a 3d print it should be easy to make a 1a or wrecto from the same base. Some nit picks thought: have you thought about making the side view mirrors separate pieces? It seems like they could break off easily. It occurs to me that the ecto 1b model from the 2009 video game was extracted years ago, if you could find it you could perhaps adapt and print that 3d roof rack for your car body. On that same note you might be able to find a 3d model of the engine the 59 Cadillac used, a 390.

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