By robandliv
Yes, I have been using Foam Pipe Insulation from Home depot with zip ties and I think it looks bad. I am looking for a walkthrough on how to build a clean Neck Roll for the Alice frame. People in my group here say they use foam pipe insulation and then wrap it with grip tape. I am wonder if any body has a build for this or remember on someone's proton pack build that they did a great job showing how to add this to the alice frame.
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By JWils23
I did the foam insulation on my pack and then wrapped it in gaffers tape like the movie, you can check it out in my thread if you want. I have some pictures of how I did it.
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By Glenn Frederick
The most accurate way for a GB1 pack (my own opinion) is to buy a thick quare of white foam used for upholstery and cut a piece to wrap around the top, paint the sides that will be exposed with a fabric paint and then wrap black gaffers tape around it.

The pipe insulation is cheap and effective but the noise it had made when It moved on my neck eventually had gotten on my nerves. Even after using the gaffers tape it still made noise when I moved.
By Coover5
robandliv wrote: February 10th, 2019, 10:00 am Yes, I have been using Foam Pipe Insulation from Home depot with zip ties and I think it looks bad.
Can we get photos?

I've found the foam pipe insulation needs to be covered with tape to look good but I personally use the rubber pipe insulation and I think it looks pretty good with just zip ties.
By robandliv
Does anyone do a double roll? I found on ebay someone sells a double roll but looking if someone knows how to make it and not have to buy it on there. I think using gaffer tape is the best option so far.
By Coover5
I recall people often saying they used hockey tape and not gaffer tape. Do people still use that? I recall it being hard to find. It was a question of getting real hockey tape and not just any gaffer's tape.
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By JWils23
I would assume they’re talking about the black stick tape that has a fabric like texture similar to the gaffers tape? That tape is easy to find, I’ve got rolls of it in my garage for my hockey sticks. You can find it on sites like or
By Coover5
Ah okay, so it's pretty much the same stuff? I was never sure. And yeah I figured it had to be easy to find now but I remember talk of it dating back a long time (late enough for folks to be talking about it online, early enough that shopping online was still a strange idea)
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By JWils23
It’s definitely similar, tomorrow I’ll try and take a picture of them side by side so you can see it next to gaffers tape.

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