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By Mike Decay
Question for the pros here. I keep seeing two different versions of the LC-1 packs on ebay...LC-1 large and LC-1 medium. Is that the size of the actual pack and not the frame itself?
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By gEkX
its not very "accurate" in the way it looks but.. it does the trick ... 00_details
It will bolt right on to your existing screws.

EDIT: I just looked at the price again and the shipping has gone up. I would use that as reference on what to look for.
You may be able to find it cheaper
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By blackeyespecialist88
i received my ALICE frame and straps today in the mail.
the frame looks small from what ive seen on here, but then again, ive never seen an ALICE frame before.
these are the dimensions of the frame that i have:
20 1/8in Length
12in. Width
3 1/8in Depth
is this the right size?
and ive determined that the straps are the LC-2 straps.

heres a photo. any help would be awesome

the mtn dew for size comparison
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By Jc3394
That actually sounds about right blakeye. When i got mine, it seemed smaller than what i imagined ... then you start building onto it and everything makes sense
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By Demon Vice Commander
on a side note,
the bar in the middle looks like its gonna be a pain to mount the motherboard to.
is it gonna need modification to make it fit?
The upper attachment point should be above the horizontal cross bar. You want to drill your hole roughly in the center of the inside groove that runs down the vertical cross bar.
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By Wallabe
I'm hoping someone can help me identify this frame as vintage lc-1 or after market. It was sold to me as surplus, not new. In the picture below, it's next to a real lc-2 frame. The lc-1 is about an inch shorter than the lc-2. However the cross bars feel extremely sturdy and seem to be about as thick as the lc-2. Also, when comparing it to the aftermarket frame jt001 posted on the first page, my lc-1 seems taller in comparison, and the horizontal crossbar on mine matches up to the lc-2 unlike his.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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By ProtonCharger
I had an extra alice frame that came with black straps. It's going on a beater pack.

They look like crap. The od straps compliment the khaki flight suit the black distracts and takes glaring attention.
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By Garrett McNabb
This might 've been address already somewhere in the thread, so I apologize, but my freaking aftermarket frame doesn't have the pre-drilled bolt slots at the bottom. Can someone tell me the measurements from the outer edge and vertically for me to drill my own holes? Thanks!
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By Alex Newborn
So I've got LC-1 shoulder straps and an LC-2 frame that I painted, but at the moment I'm gonna have to go with a kidney pad that's not quite accurate. Here's a pic I found of one in an auction...


I had a difficult time getting this buckle piece to cinch the first time, and now that I removed everything to re-paint the frame, I simply cannot get the thing to snug down. What's the procedure for this version of a buckle?

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By Alex Newborn
Took my ALICE frame to last night's rehearsal of the play I'm directing, and had a friend who was in the Marines examine that tricky buckle. He immediately said the 'teeth' piece was missing, so that explains that. Drat. Oh well, he did at least show me an absolutely b*tchin' way to put the pack on, flipping it into place from upside down. It'll never work with the gun in place, but mine's not attached yet. I may have to get the trick on video before making that final assembly step.

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By Dan AKA
Supporting Member
Alex: Use duct tape. I'm not kidding. If you're missing a part that needs to be secured roll the strap over itself a few times and use OD duct tape (found at surplus stores, walmart, sporting goods stores) and wrap the roll a few times. It should be sturdy enough for what you're doing as long as it's not load bearing. If it is load bearing, install snaps to your desires length, and reinforce with duct tape.
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By ProtonCharger
i just got an LC-1 frame in the mail that had an EC/US stamp on the horizontal cross bar and it's like a shinier blackish copper color in certain lighting. i'm assuming it's an eastern canvas frame because all seven of my LC-1 and shoulders traps say eastern canvas, BUT those features are not on frame i got from gekx that little stamp and the coloring isnt there. I understand these are milspec things, and that could be what it's about but...

which of these two frames would you say is THE frame?

note: im not letting go of any of these extra items, i have plans for them for future projects. this is an observation i had while i have been collecting these different types of straps.
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