By irrelevanttomfoolery
Hello all,

:sigh: Straight from Egon's lab, after months of Beta testing I bring to you the first ever fully fictional Wii-Proton Pack to be used in conjunction with the Nintentdo Wii version of the Ghostbusters Video game. The cyclotron features four blue LEDs allowing you to know which player is selected or active and the Blue Power Cell actually shows you how much power the pack has. The Thrower has been carefully designed in regards to ergonomics and function. The front of the wand has an area in which you can place the Wii-mote and the back handle is where the Nunchuck is placed. Since the Wii-mote has in internal speaker in it's ABS housing, when playing the game the pack makes all the iconic Ghostbusters SFX. And being that the Wii utilizes wireless technology, the wand is not tethered to the pack via a cord. I will be shooting some video footage this week and will post it as soon as it's finished so you can see the pack in action! Thanks for looking!


By ShadowSt
SO cool. Amazing (also) that you were able to integrate the lights and sounds into your real world pack.

Great work.
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By Ray Stanz GB
i wet myself when i saw this pack....might as well make one for your ps3 or 360
By irrelevanttomfoolery
None of this would have been possible without all the love and support from all the fans and Board Members. All the fans are such an inspiration to me; This was my way of giving back all the joy that I have seen contributed to the forum over the years! Thanks!!
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By ProtonCharger
that is absolutely beautiful. i like your custom take on on the pack and colors for it.
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By ProtonCharger
the more i look at things the more i like it. what did you use for your booster frame?
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By FeinDTacticS
HOLY CRAP..... Talk about arcade version of GBTVG!!
By Not404Error
That's f****g awesome.
By Gareee
Why does everything with you have to be white?
By irrelevanttomfoolery
ProtonCharger wrote:the more i look at things the more i like it. what did you use for your booster frame?
The booster frame is a combo of kit-bashed pieces.. PVC piping, Styrene strips, bondo, air-brush cleaning canister and various miscellaneous plastic housing bits to make it a bit more techy since I didn't have the real parts... :D
By Gareee
Stroudy wrote:That is superb. Will they ever be avaliable to purchase?
Its a custom one of a kind fan made project.

I just wish the wii version had more difficult levels, or SOME replay value for something cool like this! We beat it on hard, found every single item, and have the next gen versions.. no real reason to revisit the wii version at all.
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