By pchrisbosh1
Supporting Member
Nice Bjorn looks much better now. :-) I've heard from around the block that much of the stickers or labels on the pack were actually found parts and not produced. Apex being the place where much of these stickers/labels were many years back, the HGA label being one of these printed on aluminum.
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By bigi71
Thanks for the info Chris, im glad my eyes didnt fool me then :)

I also dont really want this to end Nick...i would miss working on it. Fortunately theres still stuff to do :)

The last days there was acutally a lot to do, i added this whole flashbulb setup to my gun:
A view from the top of the barrel:
And the underside of the gun ears with the wiring going through the banjo:
I also added some thinner more accurate heatshrink tube to the one gun ear after i redid the wiring on its underside:

Ive come to liking this quite a lot, first because its accurate and second because those bulbs are damn bright, lol. So yes, its acutally working and you can set off the bulb with the pushbutton on the gun ear, while at the same time the orange light next to it goes cant be reset until you completely switch the power off.
This was fun to do and ill try to make a video of all the lights and sound etc. soon :)
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By mburkit
You do realize you are going to have to show us what socket you put in the clear tip for the flash bulb. . .

Jack and I did a little digging into this late last year but didn't see anything that jumped out at us for this application.
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By bigi71
Yes, i do...hahaha...i intentionally left that out since i wanted to see if i could make anyone believe its the real deal, lol :P ;)
So its a scratchbuilt one, mostly out of acrylic. Actually i think it might have been half scratchbuild on the screenused ones too, at least the acrylic part of it where the white part sits in. I mean it has a really perfect fit inside the barrel and id be suprised if it was a found part. Of course i cant be sure about it, but i think they couldve inserted the found white socket into the scratched acrylic piece that sits in the barrel.
By AMC78
You know what? I was thinking... THAT would look fantastic next to your first pack I have on display. Just thought I'd chuck that out there :P
By Filandrius
Absolutely insane. Now you're toying with us, you actually bought the Sony lobby hero pack, didn't you?

Seriously, you could just swap one for the other and nobody would the the wiser. Insane, I say!
By KyleS
I gotta say, I refer back to this thread more than anything for beta for my build. I have my N-Filter hanging just over the spacer as well, kinda flush with the plating. Doesn't get much better!
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By bigi71
Thank again for all the positive feedback guys :)

I got a few videos of the pack done now and thought id post them here. The first one is an explanation of the gun barrel mechanism:

Next is the lights and sound setup:

And the last one is the fake VFD bargraph up close:

I forgot to mention quite a few things in them but i hope you like them anyway.
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By KagaSakai
I seriously just rolled back in my chair with my arms in the air and yelled out loud when that flash bulb went off! Amazing, and easily the coolest thing I have seen on a pack yet!

I can't even wrap my head around this pack. You have totally set the bar, Bjorn, and it will be a long time before someone else replicates what you have done!
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By xtrmn8r17
:nicejobyoudid: :crunch: wow, truly awesome awwesome AWWWESOME video. How much are the flashbulbs? I feel like ud be going thru them like crazy. are they ez to change out? and clever idea using the crank knob to speed up the cyclotron lights.
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By Ricky
I SOOOOOOO envy your mutant skills, ability and ridiculous patience for working stuff like this....


dude I'm just blown away... what an awesome piece of workmanship!
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By bigi71
Thanks for the comments ! :)

You can get the flashbulbs pretty cheap over here, depending on where you get them. I usually buy packages of ten for under 3 €. Theyre also easy to change but its not like im running around using them to flash people all the time, haha. So its not often necessary to change it :)

I still cant stop messing with this pack so i filed and sanded a few edges on parts on the gun to make them more accurate.

This is before:

And after:

I also did this on some other parts on the gun like the gun ears, gun track and also the ion arm end piece on the pack:
I like the slightly rounded look of those :)
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By parksdesign
I just noticed how the aluminum cap is rounded on the edges the other day. It's amazing what details you find when staring at those reference photos for too long. I may go back over the edges of my arm caps now.

Also, I'm glad you're not going around flashing everyone.
By Filandrius
Really, I could just quote what everybody has already said and post +1 under them. But I'll just say this: this pack is easily the best pack this community has ever seen. This is not fan-made quality, this is Hollywood-with-thousands-of-dollars-budget quality. You've set the new standard for pack building, and you're an inspiration for us all.

Kudos, man. The Crunch bar you deserve is so big even Stay Puft couldn't eat it.
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By bigi71
Thanks for the comments again, glad you like it :)

Another quick update, i changed the tip converter on the front handle of my gun today to make it look more like the front handle assembly on the screen used hero guns. What i did was using my drill as a lathe again so i could make the wall appear thinner and have an edge a few mm in which like looks like it could be a seperate piece. After that i also repainted it since i wasnt happy with the patterns of the chipped paint on it:

It was really easy to remove and install, gotta love aluminum guns where everything is screwed on and not glued:

Up close:

Another thing that was bugging me is out of the way now, maybe ill change it to a completely different handle assembly at some point, but this will do for now :)
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